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  1. Well, I would answer the question with a bit of both perspectives. Another thing to take into consideration might be that racism is a result of fear and greed. People exploiting every argument to block someone from taking what they believe belongs to them. E.g people "taking our jobs" from other nations.
  2. Bit of an overachiever? That's okay, you probably have what it takes to do well...go for it! I guess it suits me in my subjects (history, Norwegian A1 and English) because I'm always delivering stuff early and have very easy for learning things in these subjects. Still just got fives in them though. I got a 6 in biology, which came like lightning from clear sky. What can I say? I really like being finished with stuff and then relaxing on the weekends. Also just mainly being finished with stuff is a good feeling.
  3. I had a writeup similar to this as a ToK practice essay not long ago. I haven't gotten it graded back yet, but it might contain some ideas about a thing or two. The topic was "Can one have objective knowledge?" (worded a bit differently). However, I have seen objective knowledge in diverse aspects of life (such as culture, science and religion). I also find that objective knowledge will be somewhat similar to some sort of "ultimate truth".' A little edit after some thought: Arts - Truth isn't necessary in any works of art. Truth will really be based upon the viewers opinions and such. Art that
  4. We have basically the same thing in Norway. However, my IB coordinator told us that there will be debates with the school authorities of Norway regarding this and she said it stands a good chance of being changed. I should probably take that with a pinch of salt, but the possibility of IB being more accepted sounds good to me anyway. I don't know why such internationally recognized schools haven't taken the initiative to see what IB is really about and how hard/demanding the programme is. The other posters in this thread probably has some good points in the fact that the schools have many more
  5. I agree with closing it. We surely cannot know whether these people are terrorists or not, but they are human. As a member of Amnesty International I'm almost obliged to agree with the release of such prisoners inmost cases. Countries that have schemes for deliberately violating the human rights are obviously (at least to me) doing something very unwanted. If you put people out on an island where there are no human rights-laws, they are still humans and should be treated as such. The only right thing to do was to close it down because, as has been said earlier, the creation of this site was by
  6. Sex is much like anything else. If you can handle it in a mature way, then go ahead. If you can't, then don't go ahead. This goes for about anything you can think of. From guns to toasters.
  7. I'd have to go with Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" 1-7. I really enjoyed these books. I read up on his " 'Salems Lot" mas well, and I found it pretty good too. Not really many books I've had that kind of experience with. I've been mainly reading fantasy (such as Dragonlance), but I'm not really into that right now. Maybe some other time I'll start up reading fantasy again... I'm always reading something and right now I'm reading an essay collection named "Politi og Anarki" (Norwegian; meaning Police and Anarchy) by Jens Bjørneboe. I'm mainly reading it because I like the writer and we read a
  8. It's not really surprising that this comes from the USA, is it? I found this quote in particular to be American: "He also told me that his Grade 12 daughter at New Westminster secondary school, Alex, recently wore a Communist button to class after attending an all-candidates meeting.The day after we talked, Ogden let me know he'd received Alex's permission to tell me her extended thesis for the International Baccalaureate program is on incest. " At least the Communist button part. What does it matter? This is fitting the USA-stereotype perfectly in my view. Afraid of opening their eyes to any
  9. Democracy isn't a means of solving anything. The only reason democracy works is that, in the countries where democracies work, the people inside of them are solving matters. It doesn't really matter what kind of political system is around to me as long as the people (with and without power) are aiming to do the right things and support each other. If you have a democracy where crazy people vote for crazy parties, you're just as far as dictatorship. In all honesty, I think democracies are all about choosing a dictator for an X amount of years. If this dictator is a bad guy, then democracy foll
  10. I do a lot of procrastination, but I still deliver a good deal of work way before dues. At least in social sciences (currently, I've delivered World Lit. 1 first draft 3 weeks before schedual and I've delivered a ToK Practice essay 1 week before, and that's just now...)
  11. I feel like ToK is an easy subject. I don't have to do homework in it and my teacher still tells me I'm doing good and all my essays ends with a comments such as "good". What I have done is reading through the chapters we've had in ToK, added my own perspective to whatever individual work we do, and I've done ok. I feel "adding your own personal perspective" should be translated to "agreeing with the book and adding a bit of ambuiguity about the surenss of the matter" should also go in here. These chapters are all easily read (to me at least) and pretty understandable. They are also relatively
  12. We actually did discuss adding time, but our biology teacher told us it wasn't necessary. I don't know why she did that, really, but I guess that's how life is. Now I have something to complain about at least. According to some quick googling, Hydrogen Peroxide + Potato = Water + Oxygen. That sounds reasonable. Now if I use your reasearch question, I'll have a rahter easy time getting this done. Thanks a lot.
  13. I've been sneaking around this site for a while now, and I finally made myself an account. I apologize if this topic has been made before or if I'm breaking some unwritten rule (such as asking for help in first post being a bad thing), but I couldn't really find what I was looking for through search. I mean that I am inside all the rules in the 'rules' page and thus I shold be in the clear. So some days ago now, we had a project with enzymes. Basically, all the groups could choose whatever they would like to do with Hydrogen Peroxide, potatoes, a microwave and a freezer.
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