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  1. If I'm not mistaken, I think a better way of conceptualizing this is to see if the electrostatic force is positive or negative. Opposite charges attract; so if the force is negative, it is an attractive force. On the other hand, like charges repel, so if F is positive, it is a repulsive force.
  2. I'm not sure about your predicted grades, but all the business students I knew in highschool went to Schulich School of Business (pretty esteemed), in York University. Alternatively, apart from the schools mentioned above, you could try Queen's Commerce as well.
  3. Ideally, the RLS should be directly related to you. I'm not so sure of your KI; what will you be exploring and how will it be related to ToK? What is the language of music compared to music? Hopefully you'll explain that in more detail in the presentation. To be honest I don't even know what musical therapy is exactly, but it doesn't have to "work" as you say for all patients, as long as it does to "some extent", in which you will be investigating. This KI sounds more of a research investigation than a presentation topic about ToK to me though.
  4. If this is an IB lab, there must be at least one control variable, one dependent variable, and one independent variable. I don't think we can help you that much about identifying variables if you don't tell us anything about what you're doing beside "the procedure". The procedure should be essentially the same if you're doing multiple trials in a lab, what do you mean when you say it's not 100% the same? You can't just say the "procedure" is the independent variable. What is it that you are changing specifically to produce different results? Usually these types of labs involve finding a correl
  5. Essentially you shouldn't be trying that because you'd want to keep the number of decimal places constant for your measured value and uncertainty. I'd only convert to minutes in your case if it was an absolute requirement. To understand how uncertainties work for this, try to think about what 120s ±1 actually means. 120 seconds plus or minus one second. When you convert to minutes you divide 120 by 60; the +/-1, which is still units of seconds, should be divided by 60 as well. Geez, how do you guys use the uncertainty sign? All I can do is +/-. Do you just copy and paste?
  6. That's incorrect. The largest average you could possibly have is (340+14+350+15+360+16)/3=365. The smallest average you could have is (340-14+350-15+360-16)/3=335. The average is 350, so the uncertainty is +/- 15. When you are dividing numbers like this, just take the accumulated uncertainty and divide it directly.
  7. Oh, sorry about that. I had my candidate number followed by my name and the page number, all on the top right on every page (excluding the cover). The header only contained the number and my name though. Don't think it really matters, you should just talk to your teacher about it.
  8. I put the title in the middle in a slightly larger size. This is what I did |---------------------------------------| | | | | | ************** #. Title | | | | *******************************Name: | ********************************Date: | ********************** Word Count: | ************************** School #: | **************Candidate Number: | Maybe you should put May 2013/#. Title? But yeah, ask your teacher; it's most likely they'd want all candidates using the same formatting. The *s denote spaces.... that's me trying to get around the text editor.
  9. Technology isn't a bad thing at all or is at fault for anything. It's the choices that humanity makes that define who we are, and what road we walk. I've heard about the Google Glasses a year ago... it looks really neat but I'm fine with what I have now. Hopefully it won't lead to a social revolution when it becomes popular.
  10. It seems fine to me. I don't think there is such thing as a ToK definition, we only define things in ToK to clarify what we mean when we introduce terms that are possibly vague in throughout the essay or the presentation, or whatever is in discussion. Really, what is a ToK definition? The only real term that has a ToK definition is perception, in which should mean "sense perception" when you use it.
  11. Course materials, good teachers, friends, being awesome, internet connection, exercise, AWB, etc.
  12. Feels like you didn't really read what I said above. Are you sure you need good grades? If so, why aren't you working for them? Must not be that important to you.
  13. I don't think there's much in the syllabus you can actually talk about- perhaps substitute goods and taxing (carbon taxing). Other than that, I don't really see much economic analysis you could pull out of it. Then you have some types of energies being cheaper or more expensive than other types, and I guess you could say something about elasticity there, but that seems beyond the scope of the article and not enough to interpret to make a good IA.
  14. Well then, here's some motivation: If you don't get off the couch you might fail the diploma. I haven't taken psychology but you should essentially find a revision method that works for yourself. Others may give you some pointers, but you should choose one for yourself in which you feel the most comfortable. How do you revise for your other subjects that are similar to psychology? Are you taking another humanity? If how you revise for some other subject works, try the same for this. Here are my general suggestions: Go over past papers and see if there are any general patterns and if there is a
  15. What do you mean by your school not having sufficient resources? How do you carry out IAs? In any case, we aren't allowed to give you a topic because it is your research question in which the examiner is interested, not one that we can give you. You haven't given us enough information or shown enough work in order for us to help you. Find an appropriate topic first, and we will try to guide you through its refinement and hopefully make sure that you're on the right track.
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