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  1. sadly, this site doesn't have much details for the optional themes
  2. http://teachers.saschina.org/mchao/ib-math-hl-mathematical-exploration/ this is a really good site to check out:)
  3. PE becomes an elective after grade 11. So yes, our school offers PE. BUT there is no such thing called IB PE.
  4. Both work for me. For me studying alone is more effective but sometimes it can be boring and painful. Studying in a group is easier but less effective.
  5. Stay organized. Use the rest of your summer break to organize your handouts and notes.
  6. definitely chem HL and bio HL...because our teachers are amazing
  7. if you are given the amount of solute in that solution, you can calculate the concentration by using the formula M(molarity)=moles of solute/volume of solution(L)
  8. I am still deciding whether I want to become a teacher or a nutritionist :/ I guess it depends on the university I want and if I can get into. And tbh I don't think I'm particularly good at chemistry, it seems a bit hard for me to understand and I have been told it is really hard to get a 7 in. Thank you that helps me a bit Is chemistry SL easier than HL? :/ and also do you know the difference between HL english and SL Chemistry SL is definitely easier than HL. However, it is hard to achieve a 7 in both SL and HL. Our teacher told us at the beginning of the year not to think about getting a
  9. I know two year two students who were accepted by UBC science. One has 32 points the other has 36.
  10. Our coordinator said you can write an EE on a subject that you are not taking as an IB course as long as you demonstrate ability in that subject. If you are passionate about films I guess you can write you EE on film.
  11. Do you mean you want to know how to determine the chemical formula of components in a mixture?
  12. If you want to become a nutritionist, why don't you take Chemistry HL? In my opinion, Chemistry HL is not that hard. And as for Bio SL, our bio teacher said Bio is even easier than regular Biology 12, so why not take at least 1 science HL? Mandarin A really helps you to become a critical thinker. Good choice
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