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    Sample Resistivity Lab Practice. (in Spanish)
  2. Thanks, I wasn't familiar at all with the topic, but after more than a year.of reading and studying I am proud to say I actually understand it. lol Yeah, I believe I'm going to analyze the simplex algorithm, involving linear programming. Thanks again
  3. Hey guys! I've been doing my Extended Essay about the Traveling Salesman Problem, but now I realize I'm not sure about my Research Question, and by the way, not even the subject (Math or Computer Science). I wonder if you could give me some feedback on it. My actual research question is: Proving the Traveling Salesman Problem is an NP-Complete problem. I'm thinking about maybe changing it to see how a specific algorithm (the simplex one, by Dantzig) actually helped to solve large instances of the TSP. Help, please, I'm lost. Thank you in advance!
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    Lab practice about Angular acceleration in a two bodies system, using a Pasco Interface. (Language: Spanish)
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