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  1. No it shouldn't, because salt isn't chiral and so isn't optically active and so doesn't twist the plane of polarized light
  2. Since you're doing Lang & Lit, no you don't have to (Lit has to)
  3. Thanks! But the problem with my class is that our coordinator actually just finished working for our school (he left after our results came out and discussing them with everyone who failed) and we still havent been introduced to the new coordinator :L Oh well... Do you have any clue when and if they will be available for us to view? We don't get to see our component grades on our accounts you see :/
  4. You can ask your coordinator! They should have got it by now
  5. It's true, I was predicted a high A for TOK but got a B. Also, Sofia your matrix is outdated there's a new one I was predicted a B in my EE but got an A though, so I still got my 3 points
  6. Your coordinator should get the breakdown of grades sometime tomorrow, so ask them
  7. So I don't have the boundaries of all subjects but here is what I know from my report English Lang & Lit SL TZ2 82-100 is a 7 French B SL TZ2 85-100 is a 7 Economics SL TZ2 73-100 is a 7 Physics HL TZ2 73-100 is a 7 Chemistry HL TZ2 78-100 is a 7 Math HL (with Calculus option) TZ2 75-100 is a 7 EE 29-36 is an A TOK 17-22 is a B 22-30 is an A
  8. 12:15:00 GMT is what it shows on my IBIS page. 15 minutes can seem like forever especially when you're waiting for your grades Mine is 12:30 GMT It's staggered
  9. Hmm, I was able to login right now. What kind of error message are you getting?
  10. Bonjour! Il n'y a pas de guide spécifiquement pour le français, mais il y a un guide generale pour les langues B. Voici http://www.neworientalgroup.org/new_edc/style/pdf/curriculum_2.pdf Bonne chance
  11. Um the option said that having the volume NOT low does not promote conversation I think. So ours was the same option I believe :$ I don't remember though.
  12. Nope, I took it as a 2 year course. We don't do 1 year courses much outside the US or Canada :$
  13. destinée was vouée It was the only other word that was a participe passé
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