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  1. Sounds Great Shouldn't be a problem. Remember not to write your EE like the business IA, has to have more depth and otherwise external markers would think you just double dipped
  2. No, because a lot of people underestimate the difficulty of HL English. The world averages for hl english grades aren't very pleasing. Last year not many people recieved 7's in hl english. On the other hand Business would defiantly be one of the less rigorous subjects. If you really want an easier time i would suggest Maths Studies. The b&m ia's for sl is that you choose a topic such as Was Company XYZ's decsion to merge with ABC a sound business decision. You then are required to go into depth and use what you learned in line with the syllabus. For the IA you would be required to do eith
  3. nup, didnt want this post to feel rejected Every IB students wants to be a vip to get the documents, i was that when i did IB but then i created a new account to start again
  4. I have a buddy thats still doing the IB and he wanted to know what he should do for his IA. Its what affects the volume of a drop from a pipette or a dropper of sorts. He said something about density or temperature but he had no idea what or how to set the experiment. I was thinking he should do temperature, as a heat/hot plate would be sufficient and just room temperature and 30, 40, 50 degrees celsius. (Not sure about Fahrenheit) I was suggesting him do this but the question is the variable in temperture and the temperature would decrease as you go along in the trials. Also heat and plastic
  5. Maths Studies is similar to Prevocational Maths in the QSA system so.... i would suggest sl maths rather than studies, business requires maths but anyway you wouldnt go into that much detail in calculus anyway in sl. I believe you should to SL as it wont limit your possibiilities on changing subject in uni if you dont like the business course. On top Maths Studies is designed for people who wont need maths in future so it tailors more of a every day lifestyle approach, usually for students persuing a Music, Arts, Creative future and career
  6. I believe, first year of uq will be a breeze. After doing IB, you will feel as if you are on top of everything and much further ahead than other students. I believe you studied HL Chem, Bio and English. From exprience, studying, note taking, prioritizing and organization would not be a problem. All valuable skills you would have developed and find extremely easy. Not saying uni is easy but you have an advantage and thats what IB does to you. I have a friend who is taking Maths at UQ and he did HL Maths in ib, the first year he found it easy. Marine biology would be in my opinion very suitable
  7. Hi Everyone, I have done, lived and finished the IB and i am willing to help answer any questions, problems or concerns. I will give out some advice as well/ PS. Happy Valentines Day
  8. Do you reccommend study guide or course companion on top of the textbook. My teacher isn't that good that's why I have to revert to studying, what else might you suggest. I see you got IB 45, congratulations on that buddy, do you have any tips? or methods you found useful in other subjects mostly Chem or Bio
  9. A very popular cas project my school or students did was-world challenge and similar where they gather support and money to buy equipment and funding to build houses for poor kids and orphans in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, India and Peru. They flew there on to help give them what they have gathered from donations and brought. They also ran fundraisers before to make the money to fly over. It is good because it demonstrates the IB learner profile and is also helpful when applying for scholarship as well as a good experience
  10. I need help study chem and making notes, and revision
  11. Helped me go erase some errors in my IA's DOs&DONTs.pdf
  12. What does IBID stand for? IBID is a publisher that specializes in textbooks for IB, I haven't tried there other textbooks but their Business one is one of the best,
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