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  1. Honestly, if you have your heart set on economics, then switch. Talk to your coordinator first of course and see if you'll have the option of switching back if it really doesn't go well, but since you only missed statistics, you should be able to catch that up quite easily (the stats we learned at HL was honestly quite easy and was mostly calculator related). However, you mentioned a calculus test? have the HLs covered calculus too? because the level of calculus taught at HL differs significantly from that taught at SL (even if most of the knowledge per se is the same (iirc the only extra thin
  2. Yeah, feel free to share it, just remember that it's only SL content And since i took SL, i really don't know whether or not bioninja / the osc guide / ibguides handle the HL topics well. Also the option C: cells at SL is essentially the same thing as one of the HL topics. Good luck!
  3. No problem at all, might as well share the document since it's already been written. And yeah i think you should be fine as it sounds like you're doing enough, although i really do think you should do as many past papers as possible as there are always questions that repeat themselves and they always have the same exact answer (i wish i could give you examples, but i forgot them all) - it's best to familiarise yourself with these. I mean, the questionbank has all the questions, but it won't tell you which ones have been repeated. I didn't use textbooks either because they are unnecessarily ver
  4. haven't tried this (and you probably have), but this may help: use ak=1 in part a) would you care to show what you did for the first part? (i'm feeling a bit lazy to try myself haha)
  5. Bioninja is very good, but as mr_awesome said, they don't have the "generic" IB markscheme answers (with which you're guaranteed to score well) and sometimes their explanations aren't as clear as they can be. They do however have great diagrams. ibguides.com does have these generic answers and is clearer, however it can oversimplify certain parts and has quite a few spelling / grammar mistakes and the occasional theoretical error (mistakes on the actual syllabus content, but they're usually minor) if i remember correctly. Your best bet is looking at both these websites alongside the syllabus
  6. The details on the website, no - they just have your overall percentage for that subject and the grade boundary for your grade. The details your coordinator receives the day after results day, yes! He/she gets your component grades: ie. your grade out of 7 for each IA (orals included), written assignment, and paper as well as the percentage received in each. So I highly suggest you contact your coordinator the day after results day to find out how you did on each individual assignment. (Unless I'm mistaken, students can access results on the 6th (right?) so your coordinator should get your
  7. Hello! When you log in to the IBO website you'll be able to see the following things: 1) your score out of 7 for each subject 2) the percentage you achieved in each subject 3) the grade boundaries for your grade out of 7 for each subject (eg. if you get a 6 in physics with a 63%, the website will show the interval 60-70, which means that anyone who got a grade between 60 and 70 (inclusive) got a 6) 4) your EE and ToK grade (A, B, C... etc) as well as their marks out of 36 (i think?) and 40 respectively and the grade boundaries for your grade. 5) your total bonus points 6) your total points (ou
  8. Well, what about the gambler's fallacy do you want to explore? It's always best to have your IA topic in the form of a question so that you know what exactly you'll be looking at in your IA. Furthermore, your topic doesn't really lend itself to a 6-12 page mathematical exploration. What math do you intend on including by just talking about the gambler's fallacy?
  9. I would say a 4 at HL is easier than a 7 in SL. Some people might disagree with me, but in my opinion a 7 at anything will require quite a bit of work. I also think that the differences between HL and SL physics aren't too significant, in that there are many harder concepts at HL, but you don't need to know them all very well as in section B of paper 2 you can chose which questions to answer (although I'm not sure that's still the case for you). Also digital technology as an HL addition really makes HL a bit more manageable. Furthermore the difference between HL and SL options is pretty insign
  10. It depends what your activity involves. It sounds like you'll be climbing a mountain, which is definitely just action. It could be service if you're doing it to donate money to charity through sponsors or something, but I definitely don't see how it could be creativity. Would you care to provide a more detailed description of what you'll be doing? And there are many many activities you can do. You can engage in team / solo sports such as tennis, football, jogging, going to the gym, etc... for activity. Just make sure that if you're doing a sport alone (like jogging) you have a supervisor th
  11. 74 downloads

    This IA got a 7. I don't know what exact mark it received, but it is likely a low 7 (I will update the description if ever I find out). It is not very hard to get a 7 in a history IA as long as you follow the format and criteria as closely as possible. My IA serves as good evidence for this as I did not read or buy a single book in my list of sources, instead just read the previews available on amazon or google books. Here is a more accurate list of sources: I do not recommend you do the same thing, I simply did this because of time constraints (our teacher only told us about the IA about 2 o
  12. Unrelated to your initial question, but you can receive notifications on your topics if you choose to follow of them. To do this, scroll up and press "Follow this topic". Also just a general IBS tip for the future - if you have no further questions and would like to thank people, it's best not to reply to your topic, but rather press the green "Like this" button at the bottom right of each post.
  13. My friend is going to do pre-med at UCLA (or something like that) and she got 40/45 points. I really don't know what she got on her SATs but she said she got 1700 on her first try without practicing - she took it again later after having studied and I don't know what she got on that. And thank you
  14. The questions in the questionbank are always torture to those who don't know the material - so don't worry too much about that. If you think you're capable of catching up in the IB1 content during the summer just continue and attend a few HL classes at the start of senior year. If you feel too lost then, just leave, but if you are OK, stay for a bit more and try to make your way through the course. Make sure you talk to your coordinator to find out when the final deadline for enrolling into exams is, so that you have a deadline by which you need to make up your mind. Honestly, if you enjoy mat
  15. No, definitely not, as long as you have done the first two years of high school. You don't necessarily have to do pre-IB to enter the IB and most schools don't even have pre-IB as an option. For instance, my school doesn't have a pre-IB class as it has a variety of high school diploma programs (only around one third of each years graduates at my high school graduate with an IB diploma) yet the people in IB tend to do pretty well. I'm also pretty sure many people on this forum haven't done pre-IB. So don't worry about it! You'll do fine as long as you actually work. (PS: most of IB's "urban h
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