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  1. Thank you so much! You're an angel I can give my Psychology final grade eleven paper day after tomorrow in peace.
  2. Hello there! I can speak for only Psychology since I do not take Geography. And on the contrary there IS a lot of stuff to memorize! (case studies, names of researchers, principles, etc.) Universities generally don't require Psychology as a pre-requisite to major in Psychology (at least the ones I've talked to), most of them require only Math and English (For the arts stream). Whether or not you are going to take up Psychology as your major or work in a Psychology-related career, I think Psychology is pretty useful and interesting as it gives us an insight as to how are mind works. Honestly,
  3. Hello everyone So basically, I've started writing my world lit essay on, "The Damaging Effects of War on the Female Characters of Mother Courage and Her Children by Bertolt Brecht." I've finished writing my introduction which is pretty good, but when it comes to writing the main body of the essay, I just get stuck! Am I suppose to actively analyse the reasons for their ruin in the play? Or just give a narrative? Should I go scene by scene or just write about the play as a whole? Thank you in advance!
  4. Yes, it is really easy to get a 7 in Psychology SL. Make sure you keep on reviewing the concepts and the case studies. Also, make sure you know the exact meanings of the command terms. All the best!
  5. Thank you all SO much Edit: No, I'm not looking for any specific type of depression.
  6. You should talk to your EE supervisor about your choice of an EE topic. You could focus on a book that your supervisor approves of. I would suggest you start off by making a mind map. Link it to certain aspects of the approved book that you find interesting and zero it down on a few focused topics that are not too broad or too narrow. I can't really help you for English (even though I take English HL, haha sorry) because my English is quite bad and I'm doing my EE in psychology. Think of a few focused topics and discuss it with your supervisor and get it approved. Then you're good to go
  7. So I finally got my EE topic approved today which is: Why are more women diagnosed with depression than men. The thing is, I have to include published research carried out and the studies are quite hard to find on the internet. Whenever I look for case studies or research, I only get the results for medical websites and government websites. So could you please suggest where I could find studies online? Thanks
  8. Biology is a bit hard for me... although I find Psychology quite easy. My HLs are biology, psychology and English. In Biology, it takes quite some time to get used to the sort of questions asked in the paper, especially data analysis questions. Make sure you can effectively memorise the facts and definitions. It IS very interesting. Psychology is also very interesting and it is a tad easier than biology (for me), but you have to memorise several case studies which can be quite tough. I've also heard an extended essay on psychology is quite hard to do. If your school allows it, you can switch
  9. You know you're in IB when the word "sleepy" becomes a permanent part of your personality
  10. Practice math EVERY SINGLE DAY. It really helps for me as last-minute studying doesn't work at all. Especially in math. Math SL isn't that tough either so don't worry too much
  11. Don't think too much about the task at hand and just think how great it'll be once you're done with it. While taking a break DO NOT go on the internet as it becomes hard to continue working. Make a checklist and strike things off when you're done with it. It feels good.
  12. Yeah, I kind of always lose marks because of silly things like not writing down a unit or a stupid miscalculation. I'll keep all this in mind while writing. Thanks alot you guys!!
  13. I always seem to be losing marks in biology because of the data analysis questions. So could you give me some tips on doing better or some links about answering data analysis questions? Thank you so much
  14. This helped. Thank you so much! Yes, quizlet is helpful... I've already been using it for French along with wordreference.com Thanks again
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