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  1. Refer to the syllabus and make sure you know every single thing mentioned in it. Like take section 1 of the syllabus and do all of the past paper questions (from 2008) on it once you know the basic concepts. Do that for all the other sections too. That should help I think.
  2. Do all the sums in this: http://hq.scisdragons.net/pmacaulay/files/2012/08/Exam_practice_paper_3.pdf It covers absolutely all of the concepts you need for paper 3.
  3. In theory, it is implied that the quantity that consumers are "willing and able to buy" is bought. Being willing and able to buy something but still not buying it is considered irrational behavior and is not taken into account while dealing with theory. The irrational behavior acts as a limitation when the theory is applied to the real world, and that is why it is generally quite hard to find the exact level of demand for a good in the real economy. So basically, in theory, when they say consumers are willing and able to buy the product, the product is bought (unless ofc there is a shortage
  4. You can totally do an EE in Economics but you need to find a supervisor (maybe from another IB school?) Also, it's recommended that you do your Economics EE on something Micro- because then you can collect a lot of primary data and club it with secondary data, which will help create the perfect balance. So maybe you could think of other topics which can be done with even a limited knowledge of economics? Like something elasticity related? Elasticities are fairly easy to understand and give scope for a lot of detailed analysis.
  5. The colleges you listed require around 31-32. So a PG of 34-37 should be fairly good. From what I hear, McGill and University of Toronto are the best there. I think Queens is quite good too. The commerce program in UFT is pretty interesting- it's in the Rotman school of commerce. However, they offer a B.Com and not a BBA or B.Sc in Business Management. I am not too sure if there is much of a difference but I've seen a lot of people who'd rather go for a B.Sc. That's pretty much what I know about Canadian universities. Hope that helped.
  6. No, your school will not be in trouble if you don't get what you're predicted. The predicted grades that are sent to universities only get you offers. Also, the offers may not be exactly the same as your PG. For eg. if you have a PG of 40, it doesn't mean the university needs you to achieve a 40 to get in. The offer could be lower- like around 36 or something. Depends on the university, and like negotiation said, if you score lower, then you don't get in. The uni isn't going to pull up the school for predicting you higher than what you actually got.
  7. No, I think we are allowed data booklets for MSL. My school gives it to us during each exam. Maybe your school doesn't provide them for the internal exams so you can get better practice? Ask your teacher. As far as I know, we still get them.
  8. No, not for the May 2013 exams. I heard from 2014, the presentations will be uploaded/sent too. So yeah, not for us.
  9. Our presentations are not externally moderated, however, the planning document you filled out before your presentation, gets uploaded. So basically if you filled that out really well and made your presentation seem pretty good, then there is a slight chance that the IB will look into why you got low grades. Although I think it's only when there is a huge discrepancy between the mark you gave yourself+ the quality of the points and the teacher's grade.
  10. I use this one: http://img6.flixcart...ftyajxehfj.jpeg It's REALLY useful! It has all the assessment statements, and specifically caters to those statements. It's pretty sufficient prep for paper 3 as well.
  11. Hey guys, My friend wants to know if there is a way to boost his grade from a 2 to at least a 5 in two months time. He doesn't really get what's taught in class and he has tried pretty much everything from Khan academy to tutoring. He's kinda good in most of his other subjects and maths is the only thing pulling his total grade down, so he's really desperate to get his math grade up. Any tips?
  12. 1)Yes, KI seems fine. 2) The producer of the show, pressure groups'/human right activists' views. You could also focus on the impact on other children who watch these pageants. 4) You could look at psychology as an AoK along with ethics.
  13. I thought the word count is 2000 and not 1500. Did they change it this year? and to add to what The Rainbow Connection said, no, the header would not be a part of the word count.
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