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  1. momo521


    ummmm so basically I FINISHED IB TODAY!!!!!!!!!!! I'm happy
  2. So i know A1 you are fluent, A2 is a second language you are fluent in but not your preferred language (right?), B is a language that prior to taking the course you don't know at all. So what is Ab Initio?
  3. I think im TZ1... HL Paper 1: i chose stalin because i felt comfortable with that but a lot of other people did the great leap forward quesions Paper 2: i did short term and long-term effects of WWI up 10 1935...which i think thats what the question was i was really confident with that essay and even tied in the chinese revolution and stabbed in the back theory and what not. The other essay was evaluate the domestic policies of either hitler or peron. I'm extremely confident with that essay. Paper 3 i got sick and rushed through all three essays in 50 mins. basically i wrote a strong thesis fo
  4. so someone at my school was sick for paper 1 and 2 of History HL and then took paper 3. How is his test graded? does anyone know? does he automatically epic fail? And i was sick today for History HL Paper 3...but i showed up and left 50 mins into the test and was dismissed by our school nurse. And our IB Coordinator made note of it on my test. Will IBO take this into consideration. (sorry if this counts as IB exam discussion)
  5. thank you jayme92 however that doesnt contain the newest option, F. but ill send it to some of my junior friends for next year.
  6. thank you sooooo much!
  7. does anyone have any good websites for this option? Microbes and Biotechnology
  8. I'm kind of worried about this test books are The Handmaid's Tale (Atwood) The Fifth child (Lessing) Beloved (Morrison) Chronicle of a Death Foretold (Marquez) I know the books fairly well. Its putting the ideas together that I'm worried about.
  9. this is what i have for WWI and WWII...its just a brief overview. Causes_Practices_and_Effects_of_War.docx
  10. I was just wondering, do your ToK teachers freak out about the paper we write? Like...our teacher says "this is an examination so you have to write the whole thing at school and cant take anything home." Is it like that for you guys or are you allowed to write it at home and turn it in on a final due date? I think its stupid to make us write the paper in the computer lab at school and not be able to save to flash drives. I don't think it will make that bi of a difference whether or not we write it at home or school.
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