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  1. I have to say that The Great Gatsby is an AMAZING book. Though I don't like reading much, that book is awesome to the max. After you are done with that, watch the movie both the old and new version. I have to annotate Derk Walcott poems and read Beloved. Short amount of reading but crazy amount of assessments that go with those
  2. I need some ideas. I need to know some scientific advances that have affect United States and England economically or politically for in-class project...time frame: 1970s to pre-21st century (1999).
  3. So far so good? This is my research question: How does temperature affect the water potential of the potato cells? CONSTANTS Mass and volume of potato Amount of Water (mL) Time in Solution (minutes) Amount of sucrose solution[1] Type of Potato Pressure Size of particles (and how it would be a constant? I don't have any clue why) [1] "Investigating the Water Potential of Potato Cells." 123HelpMe.com. 03 Apr 2013 <http://www.123HelpMe.com/view.asp?id=121365>.
  4. ALSO HAVE ANOTHER QUESTION. What factors influence water potential? The ones i have so far is concentration, pressure, and temperature. Are there anymore?
  5. lol wow. I just realized that i put both action and water potential. lol but i actually meant water potential haha (sorry, i'm like half-asleep right now)
  6. Can anyone explain what is action potential is? I honestly need to know this because my class is doing a design IA for this. We are doing on what factor affects water potential. Please help.
  7. Thanks guys..I really appreciate it. Actually looking forward to finishing IB soon...after 1 1/4 more years to go....
  8. Well first of all my first name is shaSHANK....so i took out the sha in the beginning. Sometimes I like looking at stars so ShankSTAR 6560 is somewhat like a code that i usuallycould remember
  9. Just want to know from previous or current IB students. Is IB worth it? (so far i think it is...but just out of curiosity). Best memory for IB? Something that you want the IB (the executive office) to improve if you had the chance to talk to them?
  10. So we started the topic of rationalism and empiricism in my class. I know what rationalism and empiricism are but I dont understand some few stuff. Please help? 1. World of forms and divided line theory : My teacher started to talk about it...but it didnt make absolute any sense of what he was trying to say 2. What exactly is Skepticism?
  11. another q....if we do environmental systems, we can do it on a biological point of view right?
  12. oh ok...sorry..^ didnt know that :/
  13. Hey guys. So EE is starting up and I want to be smart and get a head start on it. I want to do something on Environmental Systems (on a biological point of view) or History. I really want to write something that no has thought of writing. Can anyone give me just basic ideas on those topics please? Thanks
  14. Okay. So my group members and I are freaking out. We are trying to come up with good questions but every time teachers are rejecting them. Can you please help and come up with good, original questions that we are able to test (my group members and I are interested in Earth& Environmental systems and/or Biology? .I literally NEED HELP :surrender: :surrender: THANK YOU
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