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  1. @alefal Hm. Okay. I'm going to think it over. I had another question though...Say I have data that compares, say gender, with number of family members (just an example). How could I do linear regression on this data? Do I label male 1 and then female 2? But that seems like it will heavily skew the data. Is lin reg the right thing for qualitative data? Or partial qualitative data? EDIT (by alefal): OH! Nevermind that post, i figured it out
  2. Okay, I had an initial project idea and I felt like it was going to work. But turns out, there isn't enough data (I'm getting this from the US census bureau). And then I realized, "this topic is insanely boring". So here I present to you my first attempt: Does living in a certain region of the United States of America have an effect on the number of children in immigrant families during the years 2007-2011? I know. Really draggy. But I had no knowledge that we were allowed to survey. In that case, I a biggilion ideas! i.e. a) Does going to sleep on a certain time and ones gender effect how w
  3. Or would a more social standpoint be more research substantive? For example, to what extent did religious differences between Palestinian Arabs and Jewish immigrants cause the outbreak of the arab-israeli war of 1948? is there a way to possibly combine the two? I like social issue a lot so it would keep me interested throughout the process
  4. For my IA, I was thinking of the question: To what extent did Palestine's resistance to the United Nations partition plan lead to the outbreak of the arab-israeli war of 1948? The specific partition plan from the UN is the Resolution 181, but I don't know if that will fit well with the RQ... Any advice would help. And if you have knowledge on either the arab-israeli war or the diaspora, do share.
  5. I can't give you a specific question to research, but maybe look at Candide and its satirical elements? I know there are many types of satire, look them up. Maybe look at historical content in candide? Sorry, the only book I've read from your list is candide :/
  6. I just want to know what you guys did to your EE in terms of formatting... 1. Does IB recommend single-spaced or double-spaced? 2. Page numbers? Top right? Bottom right? Bottom center? 3. After each "section" of my essay, should I start the next section on a new page or keep it all together, back to back? 4. This is so stupid but what font? font size? what about the footnotes? should they be smaller than regular text? 5. When is underlining appropriate? and not? 6. how to refer to appendices? Just say (see appendix 3)? Thanks in advance lovelies! Just trying to wrap this essay up those writin
  7. Okay, that is what I was thinking actually. What if I were to say: To what extent did the religious views of the town of salem and it's people cause hysteria/furthered trials/witchhunting/hanging...etc? Is that alright for History? Or: To what extent did Tituba play a role in the Salem Witch Trials of 1692? (to be more specific...)
  8. Here is what I have for the EE, and what I want to try to explain. Some advice would help. The late 17th century’s religious views became an interfering factor in Samuel Parris’s execution with continuing witch hunting. (Look at what Christian/puritan beliefs existed during that time...) Tituba’s background and knowledge of witchcraft became her interfering factor. Just like Parris, she had a belief system she abides to (look at witch craft from Barbados and Tituba’s upbringing) MAIN: Did the hysteria continue due to tituba’s or parris’s belief system? Was evidence clouded because of these bel
  9. Okay so I Ned SAT prep course help. I got a 1700(roughly) on th SAT, and I want to improve. The thing is, my family cannot afford these prep courses. I've spoken to my counselor about this matter but she just told me to apply for the need based scholarships on any SAT prep courses website. I cannot find any. I have emailed her numerous times and she keeps givin me the same answer. I turn to you IB kids, do you know any courses that are cheap or offer scholarships for free lunch students? And can your High School pay for you? For your coverage? Has any one experienced this before? I find it un
  10. I wanted to do a research paper on how the trials are replayed in modern society, how perception alters our decisions...and not Wiccans...I wanted to look at the culture conflict in our society (misconceptions, stereotypes, labels) @Procastrination And my history teacher didn't mention anything about the 10 year limit...in fact, he encouraged us to relate history with present day. (P.s. this is NOT an IA, just an essay assigned in class...totally up to the teacher on how he plans it...) and yeah, alike.
  11. For a history essay (have plenty of weeks to work on it How are the Salem Witch Trials of the late 17th century in colonial Massachusetts a comparison with todays modern cultural perceptions? (In the U.S.) I feel like it's somewhat focused, but should be narrowed down even more...and let me know if it makes sense Thanks a lot! p.s. I meant feedback in the title...you'd think a year of IB would teach me some keyboard skills.......
  12. So our teacher is requiring us to do 2 mini IOP's in prep for the real one in may. For the first one, it's on the book Brave New World. I am having trouble at trying to decide a statement of intent. Any advice on possible statement?: In Aldous Huxley's, novel, Brave new World, Huxley uses the motif of non-conformity of the character John to show the differences of two societies (World State and Reservation)? I feel like it's weak; what are the limitations for the IOP? Is it necessary to address a literary aspect? Can I relate to another book? Help please?!
  13. Nono, I like the irrational! It's a little more clear, it gives me direction thanks
  14. Oh okay, but I was talking about an "unreliable character" as in the literary device...I want to say that the narrator is mistrustful because his narration is one-sided, is there a specific term for that? About the Red Room, personally have never read it, but I like the idea of comparing the effect of an "unreliable" (or whatever i choose to call it) narrator has on the suspense of the story; a story like Tell-Tale which creates suspense due to the narration in comparison to Red Room where narration is...reliable? Its a possibility,
  15. I completely threw out the whole Greek mythology in A1...I couldn't find a definitive question. SO, I think I have another idea that may seem better: In what ways does Edgar Allan Poe use an unreliable narrartor in his short stories (The Cask of Amontillado, The Tell-Tale heart, and The Black Cat) to create an atmosphere of suspense? (I decided I've always loved Poe, and have more knowledge of Poe rather than Greek mytho, where that was a subject I wanted to learn about...?) Or should I stick with comparing only two of his works for better analysis?
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