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  1. Hey, I just wrote my mock exams and I realized that I do not know all the commands for my calculator. I have a TI-84 Plus. Does anyone have a "cheat sheet" with all the possible commands that I need for my HL Math paper 2 exam? Thanks in advance.
  2. First of all, maybe he was just very busy today and in a lot of stress so he did not have time for you. Plus, I am glad you want to stop taking this medicine. First of all, go for a run or at least a walk this will help you. If you are tired take a 20 min nap. Lie down and try some meditation. Focus on your breathing and relax. While you do that image yourself smiling or even really smile - it makes you feel better. In the end, you have to admit that you have to do it. So just start or start after you went for a walk / took a nap / meditated. Once you started it will not be as bad and even if
  3. Well, I think you should talk to your IB coordinator. The only thing that I can say that there are no translated versions. I am taking German A HL and none of the questions for my written task or any outline or anything is translated and it is not even a self-taught course.
  4. Well I wonder how we are supposed to help you... Look at past papers and the mark-schemes and try to figure out what they are doing Ask your teacher for help - don't be embarrassed. Ask him or her for a extra lesson alone so you can ask specific questions. Ask a student who is very good at it for help. There are also tons of videos on youtube that explain the introduction to finance & accounting pretty well. Check it out! Look for private tuition - it may be a little expensive but if it helps you a few you should consider it. Hope this helps. :-) If you have any further questions. PN
  5. Are you talking about your Individual Oral Activity? Where you have to talk for 10 minutes and it is recored? You don't do it in front of the class like for the Further Oral Activity?! Is this what you mean? How can you know the extract already? Is it just a practice or the real one that will be send away? Please respond to this and let me know if that is what you meant and I will post a list of points to include.
  6. BlackViolet

    Paper 3

    As for any paper look at past papers - even if this may relate to a different case study or a different option you get a feel for what is expected. Know your theories and concepts. Form a study group if you have smart people in your class. + Talk to your teacher for advise. Hope this helps. Sorry I am not taking psychology - just some general advise.
  7. Roses are red I have phone Nobody texts me Forever alone
  8. Emy Glau-ski I don't think it is being lazy - it's just being strategic. I want to study economics later - I need a 6 or 7 in Econ HL and at least 40 points for good unis. Wouldn't you agree?
  9. Yeah, I know - but then I won't have a life. This would be a wicked hard course selection! Don't you think?
  10. @ Franz Liszt Well I have to take a science or Math at HL? I don't like Biology and I'm not really into Chemistry. So my choice is between Math HL and Physics HL? So what is easier Math or Physics? And thanks for the quick response :-)
  11. What would you advise someone to take who wants to study economics later? Option 1: Physics HL Economics HL Business & Management HL Math SL German A SL English A SL Option 2: Physics HL Economics HL English B HL Math SL German A SL Business & Management SL I have heard that Business & Management is considered to be a "soft subject" and nobody really cares if you did or not even if you want to study economics later. So my main question is - is it really worth the work to take Business & Management as an HL? Thanks for your tips :-)
  12. Hey I want to take Physics HL & Economics HL and I really want to have time to focus on these subjects. This is why I want to balance it with some easy subjects - English B HL & German A SL. However, my English teacher says I am so good at literature that she will not allow me to take B. It is not really her choice, is it? Now, she said, that I already studied English for more than 5 years and thus I am not allowed by the IB to to take English B. I googled it and I did not find any supporting information for her claim. Can anyone please let me know if this is true or not. How is Englis
  13. @ flinquinnster Yes, it is allowed... you can take both of them as B as long as one of them is at HL @ Franz Liszt Why are they "far" from easy?
  14. I am not sure where I want to study yet but with such easy options scoring a high mark will be doable - which then leaves me the choice to apply where I want. How is English B regarded though? Would I have a chance to get into Harvard or Yale with it if I score a 7?
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