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  1. It is advised against. Use the sources provided at the end of the wikipedia page instead.
  2. I was just wondering what an English A1 should include, in general? My topic is "To what extent do the themes of identity, government, and love represented in Delirium and Anthem portray the complexity in dystopian societies and aid in giving an underlying message between the two novels?" I basically want to compare Anthem by Ayn Rand, and Delirium by Lauren Oliver, and show how it influences us; I'm not sure how to put it into a question as such... My coordinator has not been much of a help, so I would appreciate as much feedback as possible. What kind of literary devices are important to i
  3. How about... "To what extent will the prohibition of exporting logs affect Company X in *insert whatever operation here* " Depends what you want to focus your research paper on basically. Hope I helped
  4. I agree with you to some extent. However, being the Pope DOES somewhat command people to "obey" you. And a more experienced man, will contribute better to society than a younger one. Not all elderly people are as close minded as you think.
  5. Well, I would suggest the first option. You should definitely take Bio HL as it is a mandatory subject in whichever field you choose from the above. Also, universities prefer Math SL as a subject compared to Studies. It isn't all that difficult, and you should be able to pull through (with enough practice) Taking the sciences IS generally tougher, especially with HL but even more reason for uni's to want you! Since you want to major in Chem, I think you should take it as an HL subject as well. I know people who take all the sciences and Math in HL, and they did extremely well. Likewise, I'm an
  6. WOW THAT IS INSANE. KUDOS TO YOU, AWESOME HUMAN I can only speak one and a half.
  7. You can still communicate in your mother tongue
  8. I was just wondering... This is a pretty tough one, and I want to know the different opinions out there, and why. I personally would rather know all the languages as it would make traveling the world so much easier! ( I wish) So yeah, shoot ;D
  9. I am currently taking ITGS and I find it average. My text book isn't even an "IB" book, but it has quite a lot of information in it. It mainly deals with society and technological ethics. It depends on your knowledge in computers. I have a friend who isn't very comp-savy, and she finds the subject very difficult! Obviously. And as mentioned, you should probably consider dropping Economics since you're close to failing. Give the past papers a look, and check for yourself Hope this helps.
  10. Well generally it's better to avoid the "I think" or "I believe"' 's in your EE. (My teachers warned us that the examiners would dock points off) If you want to talk about musicians' views on jazz, why not include a survey/questionnaire of different people. After all, you always need to back up your work. That would be more professional, in my opinion. It would be a bad idea to personalize your essay supererogatory.
  11. That's what I was actually thinking of, incorporating mythology into modern life , the uses and importance and all that, but then would it still fall into the "English" subject? :/ Of course it would, so long as it remained a literary comparison. Perhaps focusing the tone of the essay on prospective anachronisms? Or a recurring theme of modernisation and its effect on storytelling/narration/setting? You could play around with it in a bunch of ways. Yes, I'm sure I can. Thankyou.
  12. That's what I was actually thinking of, incorporating mythology into modern life , the uses and importance and all that, but then would it still fall into the "English" subject? :/
  13. Like the others mentioned, if you're planning to study Business in university, it will probably be better to take Business HL. I'm pretty new as well, and having come from an IGCSE background I understand where you're coming from. Personally, it isn't too hard; the HL lessons. I'm sure you'll do fine
  14. Oh that is interesting actually, thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a read soon!
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