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  1. dode, congrats!!!! that's a fantastic result you should share your secrets...e.g. do you keep everything around you 45? (wake up at 6:45, have 45 friends exactly on facebook? nah, just kidding) Hahhaa, yeah I guess my Username made it
  2. Im glad its over, im glad i made it. Maths HL - 7 Economics HL - 7 German HL - 7 English SL - 7 (this one was really close - lucky me) French SL - 7 Physics SL - 7 EE - A TOK - B Overall - 45. I can't believe that I scored overall 96% in Maths HL. I thought that my IAs wouldve brought me down largely, perhaps it was just our teacher being far too scrict. I'm also slightly surprised about the B in TOK, seems like the markers were extremely strict this year. I felt like my presentation was superb, oh well, doesnt change my grade so im happy
  3. Median was 1.6 if i remember correctly. Forgot the variance though, its just dividing by the sample number for the new variance, so might be very small.
  4. Awesome paper. Think that I got my 60/60 here. For the last question the highest probability of X was simply the higehst value of X for which the given equation held true, giving X=23.
  5. Yeah 80% seems fine for me too. Though i found paper 1 was a breeze as well tbh
  6. Whoelse does stats? I dislike the entire topic. I mean, I know how to answer questions and get the marks. But I don't really have a deep understanding of certain things becauseu they're not in the syllabus and they dont give a **** to explain why this and this is like that. They show us what to do, but not why to do that. Really annoying.
  7. I integrated the function and checked the constant of integration at different points and i got something like 0.07(=0.1) and 0.1 -> thus exponential. Might be wrong, who knows, dont care ^^ Haha I think you made it too complicated. y= k x^n Two values had to be solved in this case, the k-constant, and the exponent value n. 1. Use two points, solve the simultaneous equation. 2. Check using a third point and solve for either constant. You have to lose 30 marks in order to lose your 7 on P2 so relax I screwed up P3 so badly so I will definitely not get a 7.. Haha where do the 30 marks come
  8. I integrated the function and checked the constant of integration at different points and i got something like 0.07(=0.1) and 0.1 -> thus exponential. Might be wrong, who knows, dont care ^^
  9. I agree with you. The exponential question totally caught me off guard and I think I spent far more effort on that data analysis than on any other paper. Anyway, I said something like the relationship should be in the form of V = Voe-kt or something like that, then I disproved it by showing that the constant k is different for two different values. I did the same but k was actually similar for me o.O
  10. I'm doing HL maths, and taught my self FM cause I thought the knowledge would be interesting and also useful for the HL maths exams. Honestly, It's not that hard as people say. If you do really well in HL maths, then nothing can stop you from doing great in FM. It's the same level of difficulty, just more stuff. I'd say go for it.
  11. I dunno, that does not really reflect the questions of the pastpapers. Also a range of 16 seems to be more realistic to be the answer than 6.16 imo. Well who knows, i feel like i messed up on the second part because i answered 28 instead of 2790, maybe i just forgot. I think this is another example of how IB wrote the paper so confusingly this year, because I got puzzled at that part too. I went with what MylakIB did since they said "variance 9.5 years^2", so I thought the SD would be sqrt(9.5) years. EDIT: Actually, I just thought about it and maybe by that they meant variance = (9.5 years
  12. Yeah same feeling. It's just so frustrating if you know everything and then notice how you lost marks due to some small careless error
  13. Yes it's kind of ridiculous that this occurs in a HIGHER LEVEL MATHS paper... I hope I won't punished for only writing y=sqrt(sin2x+k), because of this ambiguity. They can't expect to write down both solutions if they only ask for one. How did you do for the rest of the paper? I was expecting a full 120, until I realized that apparently the standart deviation was root9.5 instead of 9.5, making me lose 1 or 2 marks, and also I made a mistype for the expected income giving me a false solution making me lose anotehr A1 mark... I don't understand why I keep doing such careless mistakes!
  14. Yes that's what i did as well. Still bit confused whether they expected the answer y=+-sqrt(sin2x+k), or wehterh just y=sqrt(sin2x+k), since the former is not a function, though they wanted it in the form fo y=f(x).
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