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  1. Hi! I'm working together with two others graduates on a research project, and I came to think it may be relevant to this great community I was once an active part in back in the day Specifically it is on finding the factors that make people stick to certain online fitness sites or apps (including YouTube, peloton, IGTV, apps, ...). Currently we're looking to have quick conversations with people who've used such platforms, in broad terms - to understand what the main issues are. This will be incredibly useful by helping focus our further research. It's super informal, we're just looking t
  2. Generally, you should just use the SOLVER option if you have it on the GDC. That can solve such equations for you. If the IB don't want you to do that, they'll let you know by asking for an exact answer, but generally they don't in Stats and Prob.
  3. "Five Palestinians have died after the Israeli military resumed strikes on targets "across the Gaza strip", in response to Hamas rocket fire as a 72-hour ceasefire expired this morning." (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/israelgaza-conflict-ceasefire-ends-with-rockets-launched-as-hamas-rejects-extending-truce-9655855.html) Sandwich, I'm curious: when civilians die as a result of Israeli retaliatory fire like this, how much of the blame would you say Israel has, and how much of it does Hamas have?
  4. I think I read somewhere in the guide that constant referring to appendixes was frowned upon.
  5. I'd go with Chemistry and Physics HL. You won't get into a decent engineering program without physics. Don't take my word for it, but I think you'll fare fine without biology when going for medicine. Seeing as you're from Norway, it may be interesting for you to know that you need chemistry and physics for medicine in Norway, while biology isn't required.
  6. No it's not true. It's just more difficult, as Emmi pointed out. This year 79% was required for a 7 in Chem HL. The IAs are worth 24% I think. So theoretically you could get 3/24≈13% of your potential IA marks and still get a 7. However, you're making life hard on yourself then. The IAs are one of the things you really have control over before the exams, and so it's good to secure those marks if possible.
  7. Erudite, that's amazing. And crazy. Mostly crazy.
  8. It is definitely better to show price/GB than price alone when the data amounts differ. However, you have to be careful, as the increase in price as data increases generally isn't linear, i.e. it'll be cheaper per GB to buy 1TB than 10GB. Definitely don't start comparing, say, 500GB with 100GB rates, but if they're as close as 8 & 10GB you might be okay, though you should discuss this as an error in your procedure.
  9. Like Emmi said, we can't give you a topic. However, I know how it is. I found it terribly hard to find a topic. I'd advise you to look into theorems and such on wikipedia. Find something interesting, and apply it to something you're interested in. I found that much easier than picking a topic and then working backwards into mathematics, as I think that tends to produce a more basic piece of work.
  10. Don't look at the number grade for a single piece of work like that. Your final number grade (like 4, 5, 6) is determined based on the total number of marks you get across the IOP, IOC, written tasks and the exam papers. If you're one mark under the grade 6 boundary for IOP, it doesn't mean you'll automatically get a 5. If you get one mark above the lower grade 6 boundary in, say, Paper 1, it'll average out to a 6. Regarding moderation in itself: as Arrowhead said, yes, it can be moderated. However, I believe it's not the IOP in itself that is moderated, but the IOC, and the IOP is adjusted
  11. Physics was a natural choice for me. Finding a topic within physics was hard though...
  12. Ah, yeah. You're absolutely right. There's 3.0*1022 molecules of SO2 containing 6.0*1022 atoms of oxygen.
  13. Sure. Sulfur has a molar mass of ≈32 grams per mole. Oxygen (atom) has a molar mass of ≈16 grams per mole. So SO2 has a molar mass of 32+16+16 = 64 grams per mole. You have 3.2 grams. (3.2 grams)/(64 grams per mole) = 0.050 moles. 0.050 moles * (6.02*1023 atoms/mole) = 3.0*1022 molecules. You should probably stick to 3 s.f. though. Hope that helps! EDIT: I made a mistake here, see below. There's 6.0*1022 atoms of oxygen.
  14. Yeah, this is also an interesting point. I think i ended up averaging around 7.5 per night, but I was quite consistent. I think there were fewer than 10 days I slept less than 6.5 hours, and then I would feel groggy the next day. Seriously, if I went through it with 4 hours per night as some people claim, I wouldn't have been able to cope. If you're anything like me, you'll easily make up for the "lost" time spent sleeping in increased efficiency.
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