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  1. I teared in the exam out of frustration. Are you kidding me IB?! Paper 2 was the hardest thing I have ever been given. I used to solve past papers and score 5 and above. I go into the exam and I am absolutely shocked, my future is at risk because of chemistry right now. paper 1 was really easy though, I knew something bad was going to happen with Paper 2 since the same scenario occurred with Math Paper 2.
  2. I did the Arabic SL exam as well, it was pretty easy for me since im an arabic speaker but tbh, if I weren't fluent I would've found it hard. The essay questions weren't that bad as well.
  3. There's this question on a past paper that was like write this formula in this certain form, and it was alright until the second part asked, write it in two other forms and it was worth 7 marks! I have no clue how to solve it. My exam is tomorrow morning, and i'll proceed to reading markschemes to get familiar with how they grade paper 2 because that method helped me in paper 1
  4. Calculus is the easiest part ! Probability, and Trigo are the hardest. Statistics is nice, Vectors are annoying and finally, Matrices ranking as the easiest
  5. they say on the markscheme: and any other reasonable answers
  6. same ^ our teachers changed so the new teacher kind of gave up on us since we were already doing most of the work alone already.
  7. Who's taking their exam tomorrow? If so, how are you studying/preparing for it? Personally, I'll just go by the syllabus and learn off each assessment statement
  8. I take Environmental Science SL, Bio HL and Chem HL... taking three sciences was the death of me but during exams, I realized the material overlaps so it may not be THAT bad after all ! Although, I do agree that the social/art students do score the highest with some scientific exceptions like I know students who score in the high 30's and 40's while taking 2 sciences or more. I tried Math HL, and I dropped out afte a month, i think it's the hardest course. Art HL being the most time consuming one but I heard it's not the hardest.
  9. I take both. IB Bio HL is not hard, but it is very heavy in content. Also, harder than ESS. ESS is the easiest out of the three sciences I take which are ESS SL, Bio HL, and Chem HL. So it depends you know.. want a challenge? go for bio i guess Also, if you take both, they overlap. In fact all sciences in IB overlap at some point which is goood
  10. Well, first off the second one was an example of Cultural Appropriation where the British Adopted the Chicken Tikka as their own, adding the masala to the dish to satisfy their preferences. I started making up stuff like, the paragraphs were divided but all pertained to supporting the idea of cultural diversity reflecting on the convergence of all the different cultures. It was hard to fathom the ideas but I managed. The first one was obviously about Pride and Superiority. I analysed them by Rhetorical Devices, Language, Structure I guess... I'm really bad with organization so I struggled wit
  11. At first I was very confused concerning the WWI picture/Museum stuff and I totally ignored that and realized that the second section was better. Obviously like every other english exam, the beginning was the toughest since I had to quickly mentally analyse everything and plan out the outline. I was struggling but I made it to the conclusion 10 minutes before the end. Overall, definitely easier than expected!
  12. Awww it's okay, as long as you did point out the most important aspects of the comparison then you're good you'll get marks for that criterion
  13. Hey! It's been 24 hours since the exam and I was just wondering what you guys thought about it? Also, which section did you choose, A or B? I chose the second section with the texts about cultural diversity & Pakistan.
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