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  1. Are you a 90 degree angle ? Cause your looking right.
  2. http://www.jstor.org/ http://scholar.google.com.au/
  3. You can try different methods of studying. Rather than reading, try making colorful flashcards (If your a visual learner) or try drawing mind maps/spider diagrams . Don't study for an extended period of time because you'll just burn yourself out. Take regular short breaks. Get some fresh air here and there. Reward yourself accordingly. If it's a hard concept that's gonna take a long time to learn, revise it everyday. Ask your teacher/friends for help. When you study, actually STUDY. Cut the distractions, turn off your phone. Don't go on social media sites. You can do all that during your bre
  4. I found all the papers much easier than November 2012. Paper 1 was pretty good, apart from the project management section, the one where you had to make your own polices, I stuffed on that a bit. Apart from that it was really good I really liked the article for paper 2 as well, it wasn't too long and there were so many issues to talk about, but I talked about privacy. Ran out of time for my solution though. All good though, got most of the information I needed in. And for paper 3, when I first saw the question I thought I was screwed. But it wasn't actually that hard. They were actually much
  5. History HL. Had the funniest teacher, he was quite sexist as well which made him even funnier On top of that he was really smart
  6. 43 downloads

    An essay on the causes of WW1. Received a low 5 (9/20)
  7. Hey, For learning the actual content, my school used this book: http://www.amazon.com/Mathematics-International-Student-IB-Diploma-SL/dp/1921500093/ref=pd_sim_sbs_b_1 The question aren't that hard if you understand what needs to be done but overall, I found the questions in the book harder than past paper questions. To prepare for test/quizzes, I used this book: http://www.amazon.com/Mathematics-Standard-Preparation-International-Baccalaureate/dp/1876543876/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1384741508&sr=8-3&keywords=Mathematics+SL+Exam+Preparation+and+Practice+Guide But, to prepare for my fi
  8. For language A and history, do AS MANY essay outlines as you can, especially from past papers and try showing them to your teacher to receive feedback. The amount of detail you want to put on the outline is up to you. I used to jot down the main points which help me remember the content needed for the paragraph. For Sciences do AS MANY past papers as you can ! That way you'll get used to the question that will come up on the exams and it won't be such of a shock when they appear on the actual exam. Apart from that drink a lot of water, sleep well, take regular breaks, if you don't understand a
  9. http://www.dominics-int.org/files/Extended_Essay_Guide_from_2013.pdf ^^That's the EE guide, Maths on pg 101
  10. Wish it was that easy during the examm....
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