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  1. Hi everyone I really need help ( like most of us in here) I need help in my tok essay, my tok teacher died from cancer :'( (not kidding) she died in a hospital while she was writing us some feedback for our tok essays... anyway the "new" teacher that is doing the feedbacks doesn't know much about TOK, and he is also the "director" of the IB and teacher in french ^^''' soo he is always busy and I was wondering if someone with a good understanding of TOK could help me but I don't want to post my essay and then some people will copie it >< I just want to make proud to my TOK teacher ..
  2. Hi, My maths teacher corrected my maths IA and he didn't mark me on the commitment and there is a new one called " Notation and Terminology " and I searched on the internet and it looks like there isn't one like this, I was wondering if someone had it ty
  3. soo in other words I need to find the limits of each WOK , tell how we gain knowledge with them and what are the differences between the knowledge that we gain from one WOK from another? correct if i'm wrong and what knowledge issue can I find? is this one a good knowledge issue? : " Which one is the more accurate one to follow?" and what real life situations can I find? ( no idea on this one)
  4. Hi, guys well my teacher was in the hospital she had lung cancer and she was fighting but didn't make it... and I was wondering what is going to happen next ? if someone has seen a situation like this and by the way because she was at the hospital we ( not me) did our presentations and record them on a camera so that she could mark them from the hospital. But we haven't done our essay yet. Thanks
  5. Thanks you Jane500 It's better than nothing and also I needed more help in the non maths part,but what kind ofthings could I say about global implications if it's only on the UK ? how could I improve it if all the data comes from the internet ? what's further research?
  6. Hi I'm doing a IA in maths studies and the topic is "Is there a relationship between Mortgage Rate and the Price of Houses on the UK?" and I don't know what to add or imrpove or say ( english is not my first language ) ty IA Maths Project n.docx
  7. Hi everyone I need help for my IA in maths studies, I don't know how to work out the critical value :/ I think I missed something . I followed this example until I got stock just before the section of Discussion/Validity where they say "The x^2 critical value at 5% significance with 1 degree of freedom is 3.841. ... " and I can't figure out where they got the "5%" percent >< and the "3.841" here is the link of the example http://fr.slideshare.net/BillyEgg/ib-math-studies-internal-assessment-final-draft
  8. I think it's good topic ( I'm not a pro, soo don't take my words for it) you could use the Pearson's Correlation Coefficient and and the chi square test to prove it mathematically . But sounds good to me
  9. Hi I was just wondering what would happen if you fail the presentation or you don't do it or something happens and you can't do it? what would be the consequences and the chances of getting the diploma ?
  10. awesome example thanks man and it gave me some ideas !!!
  11. oups .. sorry mixed up with the letters ^^'' and would the KI for this topic be : Do we need to be rich to be successful in life? >< I don't have much time to do my presentation ( 1 week) and because i did my research on " successful life" then I don't have time to change and do a new research on a new topic >< soo I will change my topic to " To what extent does being rich mean to be successful in life? " is it a good topic or not ?
  12. The only reason why the people becomes rich is that they are successful already ( which contradicts your topic. It is right that some people do become rich by inheritance, but not necessary). So I suggest narrow down your topic to something like this: "In today's competitive world, where the rich people dominate (politically, socially and economically) can the talented people of middle and lower class can achieve success in 'starting' their own business' Note:- Starting here implies setting up your business and NOT getting into top MNC's, although it is a sign of success. This topic is base
  13. ^^ that's exactly what I was doing but then it doesn't lead somewhere. I just know that I can use emotion as a wok.
  14. Hi, I need help with my tok oral presentation (urgent) I have to find a knowledge issue about "succes in life" my topic is "Are rich people more likely to be succesful in life? " ( i know it's a bad topic, but i can't change) or if someone could shape my topic to a more TOKy thing, it would really help ty anyway
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