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  1. yeah... i'm stuck with the same problem.. there will be 6 points of intersection. so can anyone define D????? =((
  2. i agree. it feels great to do things you like although you don't get high marks. besides, it will help you in your writing... you may lose interest writing things you don't like, you know..
  3. Don't buy CASIO!!! here are two reasons why you shouldn't buy one: 1. because it uses a lot of battery and you need to change it frequently. 2. Casio graphic calculator is still new. So, there are not many things to download from the net (ie. games.. etc..) just use TI-84 plus or TI-84 or Ti-83. it'll be very useful especially when you really know how to use it like I did. plus, it's fun to play games!
  4. wits

    Pure Math EE

    I see... Well, in my opinion (not based on anything), IB wants students to do simple things that suits our own level. It's okay if we try doing topic that may not seem impressive but it suits our level, for example it has something to do with our syllabus.. I have seen samples of EE. The one that got an A is just using simple statistics that does not require very much new knowledges. But again.. this is only an opinion...
  5. wits

    Pure Math EE

    hmmm... but i am still thinking of doing pure math for my EE. it's what i'm interested in. (but still, i don't know how to do it ) however, if i can't do it, i'll think of something else for my EE.
  6. I am also doing IB in boarding school but our classes end at 2pm. I think it's good enough..
  7. i don't know what a Taylor series are but isn't that suppose to be something with the idea of limit? so, sin(x^2)/x^2 at x=0 is 1. B)
  8. Hey, it's not necessary to be a descendant of Lord Einstein to get an A in Physics. I'm not doing it but a student before my session got an A and his topic was about hair of different ethnics in Malaysia, which is stronger?
  9. I have a question bout ee in pure math. I really like to do it but even my teachers don't know how. How do u do it? because, in my opinion, people will only do it by reading books and stuffs in the internet. And it will be like plagiarism, not doing it ourselves. Help me
  10. wits

    trig help!

    Well, 2pi is 360 degree or one revolution. So, the value of x can be more than 360 degree/2pi. When I add 1.37 to 2pi means that in a new revolution there will be another value of x such that tanx=5. The "angle between the x-axis and line in the unit circle" (sorry I forgot the right term) is the same, 1.37. To get the angle, we add 2pi to 1.37. sorry i can't explain well cause it's hard to tell math without showing things (diagram, work) in front of you. Besides, when explaining math, my english went bad.
  11. wits

    trig help!

    this question is rather easy. first, set your calculator mode to radian and find arctan(5) and your answer will be 1.37. because tan is positive in the first and third quadrant, we need to find the value of tan in the third quadrant. the value is : 1.37 + pi = 4.515 now, the limit for x is 0<x<10. that means the value may exceed 2pi. so, we can get the third value of x which is 1.37 + 2pi = 7.66. note that we do not take 4.515 + 2pi = 10.798 as a value of x because it is out of the limit. in the end, the values of x are 1.37, 4.515, 7.66
  12. I am thinking of doing EE in Math - "The usage of logarithm in Richter Scale". Do you think it is good/bad? Kinda worry...
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