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  1. Hello everyone, I know that I personally need HELP in planning my study time. I'm not sure how to allot my study time in the next three weeks, towards the next three subjects, which REALLY need study time. The question is - how do you begin studying, when you have this HUMONGOUS workload in front of you? Everytime I look at it, and even try to think about how to break it down, I just don't even start because I just feel like there's way too much, especially since we're still in classes. (Details for anyone interested: Biology HL - I've actually maintained a high 6 throughout my two years, I ju
  2. Hello all, SO I am currently taking my Mock Ib examinations, and I realize that I NEED to get my act together with my mathematics or I am actually in danger of not passing the exam, after two years of just about scraping by (5s and the occasional 6 or 4) in my classes. We've covered all of the material in class - but I am quite weak in many areas, flat out don't understand a couple, and overall, my main problem is that I simply can't seem to remember how to solve questions! I don't want to have to work through my entire maths book again - but how can I really sit down and revise otherwise? Any
  3. Sorry, I don't think that I was clear. I found an explanation of a medieval method of calculating direction between cities in a textbook, and I wanted to solve this calculation with my own latitudes/longitudes in finding a specific direction between two cities that is of historical interest to me (hence the original take on the subject). However, I feel like I'm just 'lifting' the explanation of the method and sticking in my own numbers! I feel quite confused - how do you solve something 'originally' in a math IA?
  4. Hello, My math IA is about replicating a medieval math formula for calculating direction between cities. Whilst doing it, I feel puzzled - my approach to the question is a very original one (don't want to post the exact reason why), but doing the calculation, I feel like my explanation is just 'lifted' from the two textbooks that explain the formula. Is this plagiarism? How do others do their IAs? Thanks.
  5. Hello once again! Just popped in to get a little feedback on one of my essay paragraphs - the novel in question in my work is set in 1950s Sudan, and I wanted to clarify to the reader just how important education was at the time period, before I launch into contrasting how the two characters stand for education and ignorance, and how this in turn shows the conflict between past and future in the novel. (please ignore the terrible citation until I figure out how to MLA a short speech). "If the stories of the characters of Lyrics Alley could be simplified to one phrase, that phrase would be ‘the
  6. Hi everyone, Sooo - I need to have a math IA topic within about the next week. I tried a little to find a topic during the summer, but honestly it didn't take much to make me give up. Math is really not my thing, I have to work really hard to understand what we're doing. This was one of my ideas - but I need feedback. Is it at all suitable? Gapminder.org is a statistics site that we use a lot in Geography, for example to see the relationship between a variable such as infant mortality, and the wealth/health of a nation, which we would then use to determine how 'developed' a country is. The mai
  7. Hello all, After a lot of agonizing, I decided to do my EE on only one of the novels by my chosen author, as I decided that it would thus be much easier to focus. I just wanted some feedback on my new research question. Essentially, in the book that I'm interested in, there are two characters who are polar opposites, both wives to the same man. They clash a LOT, in a way that highlights the clash between modernity and tradition in the novel, which is set during a time of great change in the country it's set in. My question is, "How do the contrasted characters Nabila and Waheeba symbolize the
  8. Hi all, On another board that I was browsing, I read that, "When you have decided on a topic, it is often beneficial to express it in the form of a question, as I said. This should not be a yes/no question. You should try to make it analytical in nature, as the IB will not award high marks to any English paper which is narrative in nature. I mean to say, "What is the effect of X on Y?" is a good research question. "What imagery is used in Y?" is not a good question because it lends itself to listing imagery in the piece of literature rather than analyzing its significance." My own research q
  9. Thank you all so much - now for my (hopefully) last question! I might shift my focus from 'East and West' (which is more particular to one novel) to the wider theme of 'culture clash' - but what would YOU call a culture clash between people of different generations? I pretty sure there's a phrase for it...
  10. HELP needed once again! How bad an idea is it to focus on three different books in your EE? I feel that all three characters (from all three books) come to different conclusions on the theme, but I'm afraid that by simply explaining 1 2 3 I won't have a 'flowing' essay, and rather it will feel like three essays in one!
  11. Hi all, I'm writing my Extended Essay on the works of a Sudanese-Scottish author, Leila Aboulela. She has three novels that I really like, and their literary quality is really rich. Now here's the deal - before ending last school year, my supervisor required a rough draft of my EE to be written. So, essentially, I pulled out a research question by force and wrote a (very forlorn and terrible) first rough draft of about 3000 words, all whilst realizing that my research question was far too vague for focused analysis. The question is, "How do Leila Aboulela’s female protagonists represent and re
  12. Hello all, I have begun looking at my EE options, and I would like to do my EE in English (don't worry, I'm NOT asking for a topic). However, the first thing that I want to know is whether there is a restricted list of what authors/works of literature we can study. Does the IB prescribe certain classic authors only? If so - where is this list? I can't seem to find it online. Your advice is much appreciated.
  13. What do you guys think of this article instead? http://www.shanghaidaily.com/nsp/Metro/2013/03/03/Call%2Bfor%2Bfactory%2Btax%2Bbased%2Bon%2Bpollution%2Blevels/
  14. Thank you very much! I spoke with some more people, and I think I'll be doing one on pollution tax.
  15. Sorry! Here's the link! http://www.dailytargum.com/news/university/professor-educates-on-importance-of-wind-energy/article_7ce943ca-7974-11e2-a232-001a4bcf6878.html
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