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  1. Hey, Just wondering if anyone has these two papers and if so if they could link them so I could look at them. History of the America's: - November 2014 - November 2010 Thanks.
  2. Funny that should be mentioned now. My friend and I are counting Boys Nation - a USA government simulation - sponsored by a non-profit as Creativity, and Service. I'll let you know if they let us count it.
  3. Don't doubt yourself. If you put the time in, with patience and effort, I think it will be average at worst. And based on how you posted, you appear to be quite articulate and concise. Good luck
  4. No way! I visited there last October... do you like it? It's a tad expensive for my family, but the city was pretty great.
  5. Paper 3 for TZ1 was difficult but not impossible. I liked the Quantum Mechanics questions and the definitions weren't too bad. Messed up the drawing of the light spectrum by a stupid mental mistake, but overall not terrible.
  6. I think here at least, Paper 1 was hard and paper two was not as hard but still hard. I chose the Nuclear Physics and Thermal energy option B and thought that went alright. Glad its all over with now though haha.
  7. I still have 41 minutes before I can talk about it... ill let you know then.
  8. Literally cannot explain how much the Magus changed my life. It messes with your mind in the most perfect way Have you read the name of the wind by Patrick Rothfuss? If not get into it man... I think you'd like it.
  9. Grinnell College in Iowa Bowdoin College in Maine St. Johns College New Mexico Best I can do...
  10. Miccol

    Canada or UK?

    I'd definitely like to know more! Since if I were to study in UK I would probably either choose Bath or Warwick Alright so the University of Bath is a pretty small but "Cosy" kind of campus situated on the top of a massive hill overlooking the entire city. From what you can probably see in youtube videos is that there is lots of grass space and a little mini lake. The mall/pavillion thing goes through the entire university (which is not very large, but like i said its cosy). The library looked pretty sweet, big glass building with lots of floors and tables (and they were filling up at 8 in th
  11. Miccol

    Canada or UK?

    I visited Bath in October, and its pretty chill man. Costs a bit more if your not from the EU, but in terms of what I saw it looked pretty amazing with the best student satisfaction in the UK. Let me know if you want to know more, but out the uni's you listed thats all i can tell you about....
  12. Well I am pretty sure you could use it for action. But if you added some component to it in which you later on drew out how you felt during yoga, or something simple like that, you could conclude about the effect it has on your emotions with pictures or something... Just a thought. And it really doesn't seem that hard.
  13. Hey guys, So as I was creating my design labs I was just wondering how specific I needed to get to be able to list a material? My question is - How does the incline a catapult is stationed on, effect the range of the projected object? On the material list is it okay if I just put stuff like Toy CatapultIncline RampOr should it be something like (these are made up examples) PECK 400 Toy Launch CatapultSOS 333 4 meter incline rampI can't find any really specific toy catapult that would work so I am really hoping I don't have to do the second way.
  14. Howdy everyone, As the title suggests (although I am not required to submit a topic by a certain time) I am in need of some thoughts over some of my ideas for an English A1 probably Category 1 Essay. I have a couple ideas, and all input would be appreciated. Tolkien - Don't we all love him? I read how in the A1 language post it is not advised to do something so "overdone" and that the essay would lack originality. Well I happen to possess a compendium of Tolkien's letters to various people as he wrote the Lord of the Rings. So I am thinking of writing something along the lines of: " To what e
  15. Alright guys, It's time to hear what you guys all think about one of the most pressing issues today. Should the United States, or any other country cough* (France) cough* intervene in the Syria conflict BECAUSE of the use of Chemical Weapons? My question is not to fix the civil war, my question is specifically related to the use of chemical weapons. Discuss!
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