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  1. Hey guys! What did you all think of this year's exam? Personally, it wasn't as hard as my friends and I thought it would be, but it was definitely a ton of writing. A bunch of kids from my school missed growth strategies in P1; we were really grateful in P2 that they didn't ask for final accounts, though I do believe this is the first year in a long time that they haven't asked for any of either cash flow, profit/loss, or balance sheet. All they had for finance this year were ratios and break-even, which was a pleasant surprise. Let's hope that doesn't wreck the curve... Thoughts?
  2. ^Oh I got something different on the average speed question- but wouldn't that be for average velocity, not speed?? Sorry I get confuzzled easily with the paper 1 questions ;
  3. You definitely don't need to be in immersion to succeed in HL French. We took a bunch of past papers last month and I scored 7's on them without having been in immersion. The best way to prepare is to speak French every minute you're in class, unless you're asking how to say an English phrase in French. Even then, ask in French, for example "Comment est-ce qu'on dit __ en francais?" Practice the orals, because they take a little getting used to and at first it's very hard to fill up several minutes' worth time just describing a picture. For the orals, my French teacher tells us to begin with t
  4. Hello there!! If you go to http://education.ti.com/en/us/software/details/en/FFEA90EE7F9B4C24A6EC427622C77D09/sda-ti-smartview-ti-84-plus you will find the very first item should be what you wanted.
  5. I actually loved the merry-go-round problem!! That was definitely the one in section B I was most confident about because mechanics was the unit we spent the most time on at my school. Paper 3 kinda destroyed my class; I'm almost positive I got more than 20 points though, so crossing fingers for a 6. Paper 1 had some strange questions, as mentioned, but overall it could have been a whole ton worse. Paper 2 was pretty good. I'm hoping for a 6 overall because our IAs are always marked down a ton. Do you guys know how much yours are marked down on average? Because apparently at my school it's ar
  6. ^Agreed - sometimes they even specifically write in the markscheme something like "award full marks for bald answer" e.g. without units. I think they actually usually don't take off - on one paper 2 markscheme it states "do not penalize candidates for errors in units or significant figures, unless it is specifically referred to in the markscheme."
  7. KhanAcademy and patrickjmt have really great videos that help simplify concepts for me. Otherwise I'd say that using as many resources as possible is the strategy I've found works best for me. For example, I try to skim over my math notes in the about 7 minutes of time I have in between classes, read over them again at home (maybe copy them down again if they're messy or I'm having trouble with the concept), power through some of the homework/book examples, look up khanacademy/patrickjmt if I'm still struggling, get out my exam prep (AP, IB, SAT, whichever has something relating to the curren
  8. 58 downloads

    I went through all the markschemes for the official IB-sponsored responses to the questions asking to define terms in the current (2009) syllabus. Good luck to everyone on their exams!
  9. ^Seconded. Richard Thornley is amazing. Also, if you're interested, Bozeman has amazing bio videos (even though they're for AP, not IB )!
  10. Thank you for all the great videos! Are there other topics you plan to upload before the May 2014 exams? Either way this is an amazing resource thanks for putting in your time to help us score better
  11. I don't know what the November 2013 ones are, but I have overall May 2012 TZ1 ones here: 7: 67-100% 6: 55-66% 5: 43-54% 4: 31-42% 3: 21-30% I'm not sure about TZ2 either, sorry :/ but hope this helps!! Good luck on your exams!
  12. Part I: Works in Translation (things like Fathers and Children, Sound of Waves, and Chronicle of a Death Foretold-all taken from IB's prescribed list) - things not originally written in your lang A that have been translated into your language Part II: Detailed Study (examining plot, literary devices, etc. of the 3 novels from this part) - you have to do the IOC (Individual Oral Commentary) on this. Part III: Literary Genres - do a comparative essay and examine how the genre influences certain aspects of each book (Paper 2 tests this) Part IV: Options - whatever your teacher wants. You do the
  13. I love you so much. Thank you! *there's something else, though...I forgot which past paper it was on but we had to derive conservation of momentum from Newton's 3rd law...or maybe vice versa...I'll try to look it up and post it here with markscheme solutions, but anyway thank you so much; this is a lifesaver!
  14. Wow, this is great! Thanks for sharing-I'll make sure to let my friends in Studies know!! Thanks also for the great resource-bookmarked the link you gave above
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