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  1. Heey, i looked at your IA, and you basically have more words than math. something you should do is show every step of your calculations and then describe whats happening afterwards. Also, maybe try some logarithmic graphs if it helps what you're trying to say, and i dont know if you've done so cuz it was a very brief look, but maybe try to come up with your own logarithmic function and put it to the test? (just a suggestion) ALSO TAKE THE DOCUMENT OFF AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, some could either plagiarize your work, or think that you plagiarized it. Good Luck.
  2. Sleep, catch up on a lot of shows, movies, and reading, and go out/hang out with friends.
  3. HL or SL, i take HL and i didnt like it very much, it was hard to comprehend at first and personally i felt like i didnt do very well and may have missed the point :/
  4. I really liked paper 2, it was waay easier than last years, and i think i chose question 4, i wrote a looot.
  5. you can take both English Lit, and another language Lang and Lit, that's what i did. However, if you dont need Lang and Lit, and you're fairly fluent in Spanish, just take B and make your life easier.
  6. Sticking to the IB Syllabus makes sure you're EE is on topics IB are expecting, be sure to read the EE guides. ITGS is more about how IT influences societies, i dont know about computer science. I think if you're going to focus on the technical aspect of it, then it should be fine for a Computer Science EE (still read the guide to be sure because i do not know anything about computer science), but if you're focusing on the societal aspect and impacts, then its more itgs. The lower quality work part sounds very ITGS-like tho.
  7. A lot of people say that lots of universities don't accept math studies, ultimately it comes down to the requirements of the uni you're applying to. Also, i my school, a lot of people stayed with math sl their first year, and then dropped to studies in their second year. They find the content and topics easy. So maybe give SL a shot and if you really can't do it, drop next year?
  8. are you in year 1 or 2? because what i know is that they canceled the theme thing hmmm, with world peace related to fashion, you could draw a model or something, and then have images on what they are wearing about world peace, or the lack of it, and maybe find a way to relate fashion to that? with the traditional art, maybe you could recreate the art using 'out of the box' objects, things you would normally throw away
  9. Done, seems pretty cool, I'm really curious about what you'll find out Good Luck!
  10. i don't know if this would help, since i am new to IB, but you're first question regarding propaganda seems to have more to talk about, also you might want to rephrase your question again, maybe investigate the affect the different typographies on ads have on consumers? and since you're an art student and you'll need pictures (i don't know if this is okay but) maybe you could create an ad and experiment with different typographies?
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