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  1. Hi i'm doing my second IA on international and it's about exchange rates(a little bit), balance of payments and what effects they have on import/export consumer etc. http://english.yonhapnews.co.kr/fullstory/2013/02/25/62/4500000000AEN20130225007452320F.HTML this is the link for the article, but I'm not sure how i should plan out the ia for this article. I'm a bit confused on what to start first and how to develop it. My first one went good but i'm having problems with this one. Could anybody help me? thanks
  2. How are you going to do the oral then? Because my individual oral was set up like so: given the photo and 15 minutes preparation alone, then sit down with a teacher and give the presentation I made during my prep for 3-4 minutes, and then conversation about the topic I had just talked about (including questions) and also my second topic. Are you doing Korean B SL or HL? If you are SL, you should get a choice of 2 photos to choose from, while HL you are given only one photo and have to use it. I'm planning to do it with my extended essay supervisor. I'm doing my extended essay on Korean litera
  3. My school doesn't offer Korean, so I'm doing everything on my own. Since I'm Korean I don't have any worries with the vocabulary or speaking. I'm just not sure what the IB wants me to talk about. Thanks for the idea on the Olympics.
  4. Hi, my Korean B individual oral has to be sent really soon and I haven't started recording yet. The option I chose was leisure and I was going to use a picture of Park Ji-Sung running or being tackled and falling to the groung. Do you think this will be appropriate? In the marking criteria, it says that I have to be culturally relevant to the language. How am I supposed to relate sports to culture? Thanks
  5. 1english word= 2.3 korean characters. I'm doing Korean B as well.
  6. It doesn't mention anything about creativity, I just have to use the literature effectively. i read "난장이가 쏘아올린 작은 공"-조세희
  7. I know that 1english word= 2.3 korean characers. So that means that I have to times 2.3 to 500 or 600 for my w/a doesn't it?
  8. I've looked at the marking criteria and it says I can use the text forms in paper 2 which essays,interviews,diaries. So it says that I can write an essay about it. Since it says that I wont lose marks for writing an essay will I?
  9. Hi, I'm doing the Korean B HL course and I have to write a written assignment. I read the syllabus and talked to the IB coordinatorat my school(as my school does not have a korean teacher), and I was told that I had to write something creative. Can this be just an essay with a topic on a particular aspect on the literature? Do I lose marks if the written assignment isn't creative enough? Thanks
  10. Hi, I was doing some research on TOK and I was wondering if language affects stereotypes. Do you think language has an effect on stereotypes and generalisations?
  11. Hi, I went to a korean primary school and middle, high school in Korea so I wanted to do Korean A HL but my school doesn't allow that. So I am available to do Korean B HL self study. I'm taking the Korean B exam this May and othet exams in November this year and my korean IA's are due in a couple of weeks. The problem is that I'm not sure how many korean characters are one english word. For example 1word=1.5 chinese characters, but I'm not sure about Korean. Are you doing your Extended Essay on Korean? my kakaotalk is jungyk95 but I dont have a phone so I use my ipod touch to use it so I migh
  12. Hi, I've got a tok presentation coming up soon. I came up with the question: how can we get over cultural sterotyping in a multicultural society? please help me as i dont know what i should do best for my presentation
  13. Hi, thanks for your help, that really helped. For the art, do you think that it will be better to look at traditional korean artworks and get my ideas from them?
  14. I think Korean culture would be a good one to start with because I come from Korea. For example, traditional korean art,clothes?
  15. Hi, I am currently planning to write my extended essay on my group2 subject Korean B and the essay will be about Korean literature. For group 2 essays are we allowed to write it on literature? I'm not quite sure about this. Also, does anyone know where to find the specific subject guidlines?
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