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  1. By the way, even though I already answered I feel like I should add one more point: There are no good IB parties. It's simply too small of a community for that (at my school, anyways), so the main time that us IBers interact with the rest of our grade is on the weekends, when we're all goin crazy and having an awesome time, when no one cares if you're in IB, AP, Honors, or on level. However, only about... 2/3 of the full IB kids (maybe 40-50 in 12th grade) actually go to parties... (Not sure if that has to do with IB, or just those people's preferences). But I suppose, as far as in school inte
  2. Caffeine and vacations would be my two....
  3. Welp, got my first UCAS reply.. Denied Then again, it was ICL, which was a lul-why-not school for me... Here's the rest: University of Sussex (?) University of Edinburgh (?) University of Nottingham (?) University of Birmingham (?) ICL (Nope...) All for MSci in Comp Sci/Software Engineering. Sussex, Nottingham, Birmingham are my targets (34-36), Edinburgh would be sweet but is a bit higher (38 i think)... Will update this as I hear back.
  4. I don't even want that to be true, just so y'all have to go through the same hell that I did actually tho, I doubt they will. It's very much the signature thing of IB.
  5. Hahahahaha, oh man. Trust me, not true. But, hilarious rumor to start...
  6. Hmm, I think you're thinking along the right track, find something that you're 1. interested in 2. are reasonably experienced with, and think about how to write a 4k essay about it. Now, math is a more difficult subject, but it is not impossible. There are many different areas of math you could look at: - the applicability of mathematics to solve both real and abstract problems - the beauty of mathematics as in, for instance, geometry or fractal theory - the elegance of mathematics in the proving of theorems as in, for example, number theory - the origin and subsequent development of a branch
  7. What is your real name? Nils Where are you from? Germany *living in the US How did you find out about IB Survival? looking for help on my math IA... What made you register? Thought I'd contribute a bit. When did you register? Some time january 2012 What is your favorite IB subject? Physics When are you graduating? June 2013 What are your free time hobbies? Snowboarding, producing/mixing music, programming, writing, sleeping If you could change one thing on IBS, what would it be? More real time interaction...
  8. I had it split up into 2 semester classes over 2 years. End of 1st semester, 11th grade... WOOOOOO, time for a useless, EE writing class where we don't do anything. Free period! Start of 1st semester 12th grade.. Awww ******* ToK on my schedule again. Now, I'm done with it, and it feels GLOOOORIOUS. Except for the part where I can't stroll in 30 minutes late after lunch... That was nice... It's just been a rollercoaster of emotions with me and tok. But yeah, I'm happy to be done... It was just an annoying class, in which I just disagreed with everyone.
  9. A billion times this.... I'm missing 50 hours (pretty much all service... ), my EE is due in a couple weeks, and I'm still editing it.. All the fun things. Get. Stuff. Done. Early.
  10. Honestly, from my personal experience, now in my 2nd year of HL Physics, the most important thing is to examine the relationship between two variables, which is exactly what you're doing. You are not graded on the complexity of your experiment. Now, that was the answer to your question, the rest is just me rambling about physics labs, and coffee filters, and things I'd do, so read it if you like I'll also tell you, your specific idea is perfectly fine, and is actually similar to one that we did. Now, one thing that I will recommend is to be careful with air resistance. The actual models for a
  11. what... that's actually ridiculous. Talk to the administration (principal, head of science department, whatever...) because 19 lab reports is way enough... I think we (at HL) have like... 7? maybe max of 10... over 2 years. And generally like 1 every few weeks.... Anyways, see if you can't get your class to talk to your teacher. Hope it works out for ya
  12. No problem That sounds good, but I'd play with the wording a little bit. First off, be aware that if you are saying "to what extent" you have to analyze every other influence/cause! If you want to do that, then your question is good. Maybe throw in the year, for example: "To what extent was religious belief an influential cause of the Irish Confederate Wars of XXXX" because that always looks better for history papers If you want to focus just on religion (not sure if you could write 4000 words about that, but I also don't know about the wars at all), you could say something like "How were th
  13. Yup, Math HL is probably the hardest. Workload wise, though, I'd say Visual Arts HL, because holy hell, they do soooo much writing. It's insane. Easiest? ToK
  14. I think the general approach is fine, but yes, be more specific, not only with forms of art, but even to one or two artists, maybe compare/contrast. Look at this example question from the EE handbook: Topic: Cultural influences on Pablo Picasso’s work Research question: Picasso: individual genius or cultural thief? Approach: An investigation of the extent to which selected images in Picasso’s work may have been appropriated from other cultural sources. Of course you shouldn't just copy that format, but that gives you an idea on the broadness of the question/topic. Definitely focus on one or t
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