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  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone can help me find out how to convert the video file (mp4) I wanna use in my physic EE to the required format in Logger Pro software. It says the acceptable formats are cmbl, qmbl, gmbl. Thanks,
  2. Hey Guys, I submitted my application via Common App on Jan 31st then the very next day I received an Email from that university telling me that my application was not successfully submitted while my common app account shows that the application and writing supplement have been submitted successfully( that green marks). I would appreciate if anyone could help me with this. Thanks in advance,
  3. Thanks, it washed away a lot of stress. I know and I wrote a sample and I am just about to submit my application. I have read a lot of samples but their topic were different than the topics we have as options.! Any way good luck Hooman,
  4. I know it's funny to even discuss about such issues but I don't know what else to do. I wrote the PS and used my creativity but my coordinator is not satisfied with that, since it's not like others, breath taking and demanding or stunning. I don't know what is my fault that I don't have such sad or stressful or eminent background story to talk about like the samples I saw. To what extent do the US universities care about PS? what if sb has not had any breath taking back ground story to talk about but has a quiet good application? I would be so thankful if any one can help.. Thanks P.s I a
  5. Hi guys, I am working through my application in Common App , I wanna indicate that I took Ap and Sat and their results. There are some special sections by which I can report them but what about the Collage Board ? Should not I notify collage board to send my results to those universities, since they have the official results to send to universities? when should I do that, as I am submitting my application? Do I have to send each university separately each test results, which bring me additional cost of sending for each? Thanks,
  6. Dear young physicists I am supposed to do an experiment for EE in Physic.. somewhere I should calculate the energy realesed by a spark and some known amount of gass (like methan or... ) . Does anybody know what formula I can use for my calculation? Thanks,
  7. Is finding a chemical equilibrium constant of an experiment fine? or since it's been done by others previously, I'll loose marks?! the previous chemistry group of our school got decreased in their marks by moderator, so i am a bit stressed...
  8. Hi everyone, I am very confused about choosing my IA topics, since I was told that it should be chose by me rather than by teacher though I have chosen two. can anyone help me how can I assure that titles I chose will address me properly and will not harm my marks? Thanks,
  9. Actually I am retaking SAT for Jan 25th but will it be accepted by then I think the deadline is December for most if not all US schools :/ I know that U of Toronto, UBC, and McGill won't require SATs if you're outside of the US so try those schools. Yeah, I know about those universities requirements. I was told by my coordinator that I can inform the university that I am gonna send the SAT or IELTS results later, like in Feb.. and They will not decide until I send them those results... isn't that right?!
  10. Hey guys, I am through my application in common ap, but I am a bit concerned that some university's deadline I am applying to don't are before my SAT test,( though I have one but its 1520 and got one AP as well). For example as an International student I am required to take IELTS or TOEFL, but the fastest one I can take will have the result ready on Feb. But I have been told that I can provide some test results even after submission of the application. Is that right?! did anyone do it?! will the predicted grade, recommendations and Ap help me some how? Thanks,
  11. Actually I am retaking SAT for Jan 25th but will it be accepted by then?
  12. Hi guys. I am Iranian but I am studying IB in Georgia. Is there any other Iranian IB student that I can discuss about Persian Language and Literature A? There were two students who had the same condition as me, but I missed to communicate with them.
  13. u can try fr university of toronto they dont actually require SAT and it is one of the best college in Cananda. Thanks. Quality of education really matters for me and so do the scholarships. anyway thanks. u can try fr university of toronto they dont actually require SAT and it is one of the best college in Cananda. Thanks. Alright, that helped a lot. Thank you.
  14. Thanks for answer. Being public or private really doesn't matter for me if the quality of education is good there. Moreover, I was thinking of scholarships since my scores are capable of getting so.
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