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  1. Just to see whether it's appropriate. I'll PM you the link. Thanks in advance!
  2. I have decided to do my investigation on North Korea, particularly about Kim Ill Sung, in conjunction with my revision on communism in crisis. Do you think this topic is over-used and cliched? Or do you guys think I'm good to go? I go to a small school and my history class is even smaller, so I just wanted to know what other students thought about this. Thank you
  3. For our group 4 project, my group members and I chose polymerization of milk into plastic and we were wondering how we could incorporate a biological aspect to this. I was wondering whether we could include fermentation, and use the degree to which the milk has gone sour as our variable of the experiment. What do you guys think?
  4. So we commonly refer to demand as "ability and willingness of the consumer to buy". Is it implied that the quantity demanded is actually bought? or does demand take into account all quantity that consumers are able and willing to buy (but aren't actually bought)?
  5. just on the topic, whether there would be enough information out there for my topic..
  6. well i had a feeling that people I know were hovering around this website and revealing my EE topic would totally give my identity away.. I want to be anonymous
  7. I'm thinking about writing my extended essay on 19th century - 20th century russian history and I wanted to ask some people here in ibs for some tips throughout the process... anyone? I'll PM you my topic.
  8. hanykoo12

    History IA

    I agree with InternationalBabe. And you might want to refer to a specific time period rather than just "after the Cold War" because it's always nice to be more specific and focused.
  9. Is 'creativity' part of the criteria? If it is, then I think it would be better for you to play it safe and do something that shows your 'creativity' as well as your 'analysis'. If you would like to write an essay, you could write one about an important theme using the voice of a character from your novel, which was actually what I did for my English IOP.. Which novel did you read btw (just curious)?
  10. As of now, I have the oxford course companion, oxford study guide, pearson textbook and McGee textbook. Although I'm taking econ hl, I don't want to read all of those books and would like to take some recommendations on which ones will be sufficient to study with. Could someone offer any tips?
  11. it would be helpful if you had access to the markscheme because ib's crazy about mark-schemes.. Why don't you ask your school?
  12. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your help :')
  13. You should probably mention that in your research question too.
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