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  1. What are the standard values (theoretical result) for this experiment? I need to compare my result and draw evaluations based on that. Can someone help me?
  2. yeah sure! I wish i could copy the table in here but i cant.
  3. As weird as this is, can you guys help me by listing your heart rate, for 5 minutes. All you have to do is check the number of pulses that pass in 10 seconds and multiply it by 6. Repeat this process after 5 minutes for 5 trials. Record your data and help me out by commenting your heart rate for 5 mins (5 trials) and age and gender. Also, please help me by taking readings after a short sprint/jog. I'm so sorry if these seems like an imposition, but i need live data from - A woman - A man - A child - An Old Man - An Old Woman soooo if you can check for your grandparents too! I don't have any
  4. Yeah, I need some help and opinions on my written task. so.... can you guys personally message me and i shall send forth my WT. I NEED HELP PRONTO
  5. So.... Situation Report: Change of plans, I'm doing a Radio Transcript on a Taboo topic i chose.. Thanks for the text type list now... here's where I need help.. Can someone list the characteristics of this text type?
  6. Thankfully we were on the same page... I hear that doing Opinionated Column wasn't suggested as it turns out as an essay more or less... As for Cartoon, could you give me more information?
  7. So, I am stuck on choosing a proper written task topic for my imaginative piece. I want to write an opinionated column on a specific taboo topic (which I need help in finding) Can someone list the text types available, and GUIDE ME THROUGH THIS PLEASE?
  8. I conducted the experiment twice and my enthalpy values are VERY DIFFERENT. My first trial resulted in an enthalpy of around -41K, and my second trial -5k. (k=1000's) what could be the possible reason?
  9. 1 - isn't that unethical? 2 - Genetically Modified Crops exist. 3 - X-men, I'll be working on it 4 - hmm... i don't like physics
  10. Yeah, so I was wondering...I am dead sure about getting into genetics for my undergraduate and also post graduate education... however, i still do not know the career prospects of this field of study besides research... What other jobs lie under this degree of study?
  11. gimme the pathways and enthalpies?
  12. Are we allowed the Data booklets for math sl? if not.... when did they stop giving it out... it would've made my life so much easier "
  13. granted for a second and then you get into coma. i wish that i had infinite supply of money
  14. Hmm... Favorite person? Well, myself, because there isn't (so far as I have seen) another person who thinks exactly as I do, thus making my thoughts seem rational If you had a 45/45 in IB and got the choice to go with 100% fully paid (including housing/etc.) scholarship to the university of your preference... where would you go?
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