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  1. So I opted for this title for tok essay, and I pretty much narrowed it down to this The two aok's Mathematics Arts Now I planned to start of with defining what knowledge is and what facts are? Now, the reason I decided to talk about these two aok's is because I want to have a balanced argument as math on one hand is to a greater extent is facts ( pure mathematics would be my counter-claim) On the other hand art is so much more than just facts ( I have to decide my counter claim) Now, after thinking and going through some sites I thought of writing about mona lisa Imagine if knowledge was r
  2. Hi guys, so our whole class came up with the umbrella topic/ main topic as water and first out group decided to have this as our RQ: To what extent can a car running on hydrogen be efficient ? So we divided our work areas as follows : Physics: The designing of the model Chemistry: We will use electrolysis for producing hydrogen Now these two will be based on experiment wherein we will literally show a model car running on hydrogen in water Biology: Talk about microbes in water that produce hydrogen ESS: Talk about how this will benefit the environment Okay, so these two will be like in present
  3. So the How in the research question sounds good. The issue is that I cant find any studies stating that anti depressants dont really lead to suicide. If there are, few. So can i instead evaluate the studies? Like ethics? But that again wont be counter arguing
  4. But, how do I put it across? I was thinking of breaking down the body into two- Antidepressants and natural . Anti depressants wherein the serotnin will be from these drugs whereas natural will be just natural from the body like when you have stress disorders . So I dont know how to really put it across.
  5. Sounds good, thank you so much. I will talk about my supervisor about this as soon as my school starts and till then I will look for studies showing HIgher serotnin and highter suicide rates, lower serotnin and higher suicide rates and vice versa.
  6. Hi guys, So over the past few weeks I started working on my extended essay with this research question- To what extent does serotnin affect suicidal behaviour? I started concentrating on anti depressants, SSri's , stress disorders and stuff. All the studies just say one thing - Lower serotnin, higher rate of suicide. Now, this clause really does not answer my research question so I was thinking about changing my research question to - How does serotnin affect suicidal behaviour ? Whatcha think? and yes I know in the body of my essay I need some counter points, so I am trying to se
  7. Okay, so my extended essay supervisor left school and isnt replying to my mails probably cause shes on her holiday but I cant wait for her. I did write my introduction for my ee psych. My topic again is - To what extent does serotnin affect suicidal behavior ? So I write my introduction. I have many case studies and stuff for my body but how do I start? Do I staright away put case studies? Or what? I am really confused. If anyone can just guide me through, I am really keen on working and finishing this off . Thank you
  8. Hello, my research question is - to what extent does serotnin affect suicidal behavior. I have my research in a word document, which includes all the case studies and the experiments. The trouble is, I am confused on how do I stat the topic. I mean, I had a discussion with my supervisor about this and we decided to narrow down the format to - Intro- wherein I would describe how suicide has become a global problem and introduce the concept of serotnin related to this Body- Where all my research would come in, all the case studies and experiments providing the co relation between s
  9. Another issue, as you said I have to illustrate the use of language through my context. Should I talk about how different bloggers write differently on women harassment ?I mean a girl would mostly blame it all on the men, a guy on the other hand would write something more something like highlighting the issue of women harassing men ( not trying to be sexist here ) but do I literally tell " the use of language tells us its a girl who's written this" or something like that? Or should I point out that plus give my opinion on women harassment and in my opinion the use of language should be like so
  10. So you're telling me I give an opinion on a news article in form of a blog?
  11. A blog entry on women harrasment, is there anyway I can relate both of these?
  12. So you mean, "to what extend" would just tell the examiner to what extend, instead of arguing about a conclusion find out the reason WHY does serotnin affect suicidal behavior ( if it does) or WHY doesnt it, if it doesnt what does?. Something like that? Another intresting topic I came up with: I mean I haven't studied crimnology yet but I wanna do something analyzing the minds of a rapist's. Don't you think they would have a little bit of humanity to not harass women? then why are we facing with so many rape cases, atleast in my country. So well I am going to ask my teacher, any suggestion
  13. 1) To what extent does an increase or decrease in the level of serotnin affect suicidal behaviour ? 2) To what extent is divorce related to a decrease in the level of oxytocin between couples? How about these? Are these good topics?
  14. Can anyone suggest me ee topics for paranomal psychology?
  15. Thank you, I will consider that while deciding my ee
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