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  1. Here is the paper Chemistry HL paper 2 TZ2.pdf
  2. Hi Guys can you please explain how to reach the answer to the No. 1 F in the paper. Thnx a lot
  3. Hi guys can you please help me out with the solving of this quadratic equation asap . Question : Find the range of values of m such that for all x m(x+1) is less than and equal to x^2. (PS : if did not understand above, then check attachment). thnx
  4. Hello guys , Can you please help me out by telling me how to answer the English paper 1 and Paper 2. what are the topics to be dealt when analysing and if it is the same when doing the individual Oral Activity ? Thnx Keshuv19
  5. Hi guys , Here is the questiion can you please help me with that and explain it to me . Compare the melting points of PCl3 and PCl5 and explain the difference. Thnx
  6. Another question... Please Help ! Thnx Given that Cos x = 2a+14/(14(a^2)+280)^1/2. Find the value of a for which x= 1.2 rad. Thnx again
  7. The Answer I got was 1.047; although I took r>1. Does this really matter ? The answer changes when doing it in the inverse direction, i.e. r<1 , r =0.952. Thnx again
  8. Hi guys, Can you please help me with this question and explain to me the method of workout as i find it really confusing to get to the answer . Here is the question : The sum of the first three terms of a geometric sequence is 62.755, and the sum of the infinite sequence is 440. Find the common ratio Thnx Keshuv 19
  9. Hey guys , please help me i have been trying to answer this question since yesterday and my answer is 5 can you please confirm it. Given that g (0) = 5 and 2 is the axis of symmetry, find g (4). (Hint: there are 3 ways in which a quadratic can be solve).
  10. Hey guys can you please explain to me the difference between TZ1 and TZ2? TZ = time zone right? Is there a difference in terms of questions???? thanks a lot
  11. Hey guys , I have my Interactive Oral Presentation that i have to do next week can I have some examples of what kind of interactive oral i can do with the topics please. Thankyou
  12. Hello, Very Sorry for the misplacement of my topic. I don't really know because the teacher did not tell us anything. Is 'Further Oral Activity' the same as 'Oral Presentation'. Am a bit comfused. As what i had decided to do was to portray how indian serials keep the culture as it it whereas the indian movies are getting more and more in western type movies (i.e. More and more modern and not always following the indian culture). Can it be done on this topic or not? And is this type of topic more scoring? Well, the literary books that am doing are 'A Doll's House', 'Macbeth' and 'Pride and Pre
  13. Hey guys, I really need help, don't know what to do for the oral presentation. Can you please provide me with some examples ? Thnx
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