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  1. My friend is in a similar situation. Hek took bio and physics (taking ib bio and physics in summer school) and two humanities for ib. However, he thinks that he wants to major in a science in university, even though he never took chemistry, and therefore can't go into science for uni.
  2. I just finished my SL math paper 2 yesterday, and I have to admit, it was horrible. Everything that I didn't study showed up on that paper, and I left like 2 questions blank. But I still want to go to university, and I still want to do science. If I apply for cognitive science at U of T or some other school, would it be a good idea to apply with the intention of switching majors as soon as possible, once I finished the appropriate courses? I'm not very knowledgeable with university, so excuse me if I made a mistake in thinking. It's not that I don't like cognitive science, it's just that I lik
  3. NOTE: Please ignore my last thread about drugs... Anyway, my SL math exam is tomorrow, and I am scared sh*tless about failing it. For reasons which I would rather keep to myself, I only had 2 days to study, and I think I know everything. However, I need to study probability and trig heavily. I have a 96 in the course. However, I'm worried that I might fail and get something like a 60 something. JUST FOR REASSURANCE, does anyone know anybody who had a 60-something in a high school prerequisite course, and still made it to uni? I already had a really bad mark in SL physics, so I don't want anot
  4. For the record, I have full knowledge of what drugs I was using; they were my OCD drugs. They were like a friend to me. Not even my parents could have relaxed me as much as those pills. Initially, I swore myself to temperance with those drugs; I didn't want to become a drug addict. But my OCD and anxiety got much worse, and I found myself taking sometimes 5 times more than what I was prescribed at the wrong times of the day. Then I began adding another drug to my routine, a drug I wasn't even supposed to take and was not prescribed on. I found that most of the times, using those drugs helped
  5. I don't want any crap about how unhealthy it is. Over the past year, I've been abusing Luvox and Abilify to help concentrate on studying, and now my mom hid them somewhere where I can't find them. Would Tylenol help concentrate? Gravol?
  6. Like I said, because I just don't like English. I want to do 1 semester of English instead of 2, which is required for my IB diploma. Well, it's not that I just dislike English; a lot of stuff has happened. But I want my high school life as challenging, and FUN, as I could make it, so I'm dropping out to pursue courses that I like AND take some IB courses as well, for the challenge.
  7. Here's my situation: I want to drop out of the full IB program, and do the IB certificate. I want to do this because I really, really hate English, and unfortunately, our school only offers HL English. I want to take 2 IB courses next year, in year 2: HL Econ and HL History. But for SOME REASON, my parents are soo worried about me that they're pushing me to do the easiest things possible. What the heck? This is upsetting. I want a challenge, and I want to feel like I accomplished something. I like what IB teaches you. I don't want to do the easiest courses. And my parents just said "we'll thin
  8. I'm dropping out of the full diploma program next year, when I'm in grade 12, and am instead going to do the IB certificate. I'm thinking of doing HL History and HL Economics. However, THIS year, I did HL Geography, instead of econ. So I'm essentially starting out in the middle of the course without any knowledge whatsoever. I spoke to a grade 12 student who is doing HL econ, and she says that in first year, you only do microecon, so if I work hard, I'll catch up. Any advice?
  9. Thanks everyone. Luka, I'm planning on going to Waterloo for Biochem, or U of T or something like that.
  10. These are my marks... HL English, traditional - 68, level 3 HL Chem - 82, level 5 SL Math - 96, level 6 SL Physics - 86, level 5 What's happening? I thought this semester was supposed to be magnificent! Instead, I'm pretty much failing english, and I'm not doing too well in Chem, which is really important since I want to go into Chemistry/materials science. And grade 11 is a very important year as well...I'm borderline begging god for a chance to go to uni now. Does ANYONE know anybody who did poorly in gr11 but did great in gr12, and thus managed to get into their uni of choice? I need some
  11. I have a math sl exam on the 9th and 10th of May, a physics sl exam on the 6th and 7th of May, and a chem unit test in 2 days. I've gone over matrices and most of the vectors for the math exam, so I'm a bit behind. For physics, I have studied every topic except topic 6 and the 2 options. I'm lost for chem. Usually, I know how to manage my time well, but not now. Can someone help? I've spent all day studying for math.
  12. Thanks for the tips everyone. Yes, I have been doing fairly consistently in math, with my lowest mark being a 5. LOL and I will remember to study EVERYTHING, although I will study the stuff I know well with a little less intensity, obviously. But I will have to step up my game for stats and probability. Is stats and probability usually a big portion of the exam?
  13. Old papers, eh? I've tried searching for some, but I can't find any that come with mark schemes.
  14. I'm so nervous because I spent most of my time studying for my physics exam, since I'm **** at physics, and up til now I've mostly neglected math. I'm really good at math though; I've been predicted at a 96. But still, I've only really covered matrices, and I still have so much to do.Is two weeks enough time to cover everything?
  15. It's now 6:37 pm. I have SO MUCH work to do, and yet I cannot bring myself to start. I spent the last half hour with my head down on my desk. Here's my situation: a couple of months ago, I was down in the dumps because of my OCD. I got banned from my old school because of my obsession, and I was really suicidal. One of my school's vice principals decided to step in, and help personally, and let me tell you, I LOVED that guy. He was not judgemental at all, and he and I developed a very close relationship. However, I have not seen him for the past month, and when I met him again in the hallway t
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