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  1. You should check out America. There are some universities which have brilliant financial aid offers, even for international students. But you'll have to check the specific sites for each university as they all have different policies.
  2. I don't really think there's anything that specifically and directly answers the questions, however there are sites that base their notes on them... What subject are you specifically looking for, maybe that could help?
  3. It really depends on you as a learner. If you are comfortable in doing self-learning then I don't see there being a problem in Pamoja. But if you're the kind that constantly needs to consult a teacher, then you probably shouldn't... Also keep in mind that most people tend to find Math HL quite challenging, so you should evaluate your level of understanding and your skill and base your decision on that.
  4. It's recommended that your exploration should be 6-12 pages long... And as for criterion E, you'll probably ace it cause you're doing something outside the syllabus. As long as you explain everything and show that you actually understand what's going on, then you'll get the marks...
  5. I don't really think the Doppler thing will really affect you in terms of losing marks as long as you explain the theory properly, and present it in suitable mathematics... I think they are both pretty decent topics...
  6. I know exactly how you feel... But I'd suggest that you just do practice papers. If there are any sections or areas that you feel you need help in, then refer to the corresponding section in the text book. That would be the best way to study And yeah, you need to work on timing like crazy... It is a mind game
  7. Haha it's okay... STEP questions are supposed to be hard and are meant to take long. I think the exam is three hours, so if you're taking 40 mins for one question, you should probably try cut it down to 30 mins. You also have a year till you take the exam, so there's enough time. Just as a by the way, where are you planning on applying?
  8. This is a literary essay. So you've got to look at literary devices and techniques the writer uses to create desired effects. I would suggest that you look at how the writer brings out a specific theme rather than a theory, that way it would be easier.
  9. Cool.. So... 1. Do you think the content that math HL covers is enough for the test? In terms of syllabus coverage it'll be okay. But in terms of the question type, they're completely different. Much longer and demanding in fact. If you take physics, then the mechanics part shouldn't be a problem. And there are only 2 or 3 questions on mechanics, you don;t necessarily have to answer them. 2. Also, how long does it takes for you to finish one question in average? Like 20-30 mins. 3.The questions (especially in STEP II and III) are all soooo long that I don't know if I can finish 6 (or 5) of the
  10. There is no way that universities "convert" your IB grades. They just appreciate the fact that it is a completely different system and curriculum and that they are graded on a different basis (i.e mark boundaries, IA's, etc.) Therefore, pretty much all unis will set like a minimum requirement of IB points. From the list you've given (most of which are Ivy League), a minimum of usually 38 points is set for consideration to the uni. Then some unis also put added restrictions such as achieving a 7,6,6 in your higher levels.
  11. You want to model an arctan function?
  12. Firstly, what are the ways of defeating SSL/TLS without brute force?
  13. Just use standard deviation when dealing with averages. I find that it makes more sense.
  14. This is a tricky one... But I would suggest that you choose a suitable level of accuracy, and be consistent throughout the whole EE. Personally I would use 2 decimal places for calculations and three significant figures for final answers. At least that's what I do for my physics IA's
  15. (Just as a by the way) If you really enjoy literature then maybe you should consider doing that in university. But yeah, like the others have said, you should do an EE in something you're comfortable with. However, if you do an EE in chemistry, you could definitely use that to your advantage when applying for your course (especially in the UK). It would show that you actually take initiative in this subject and something that you enjoy. But if you're doing it for the points, literature...
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