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  1. Hi guys. My school really screwed up TOK- we never had a proper lesson. Now they've hired this new teacher who's main objective is just to get our ToK presentation and essay over with. I recently gave my mock ToK presentation and the only feedback this teacher gave me was "your presentation was okay. Incorporate some more viewpoints". So yeah, I'm running around like a headless chicken right now I was hoping you guys could help me out- I just wanted to know your viewpoint on the topic of political propaganda and its consequences. I'm basically discussing the role that propaganda plays in sha
  2. Hi guys. So I need some help. I need to incorporate some more viewpoints into my ToK presentation, and while I have already posted the same thing in the TOK forum, I thought the topic would be relevant here as well, because I find it pretty debatable and interesting. I was hoping you guys could help me out- I just wanted to know your viewpoint on the topic of political propaganda and its consequences. I'm basically discussing the role that propaganda plays in shaping people and their outlooks. Here are some other relevant questions you could consider: Is all propaganda the same?What are th
  3. Thanks so much, both of you! I really helps And Blackcurrant, it would be AMAZING if you could take a look at my paper. I've written it down, so I'll just type it out and send it to you asap. Really appreciate it!
  4. Hi, so I seriously need some help with my language and literature paper 1. I've done a lot of Paper 1s, but I just don't get where I go wrong sometimes. I was a grade 5 student (Paper 1 grade) and then jumped to a grade 6, but I'm really reaching for a 7 (in paper 1). My teacher does give feedback but it seems like she's saying the same thing every time, and I still don't have a full idea of how she thinks I've improved. I'm really confused because I think I write as much as I can, but my teacher says that I still have room to improve, and while I do agree, I honestly don't know how. So I was
  5. Hi, so I'm doing my Travaille Ecrit (assignment for French Ab Initio) and I'm going to be comparing the traditional clothing of India and Morocco, the sari and the kaftan. But I can't find all the information I need and was hoping that people who know the country and culture well could help me out. When do Moroccans wear the kaftan? The majority of the sites I visited insisted that the kaftan is used only during important events like weddings, but I found some sites that said it's used as daily wear as well. Do you have special variations of the kaftan? I know that some major cities have t
  6. Thanks for all your replies, guys! Really helped out
  7. I'm sure you're tired of hearing this, but a big no-no on four HLs. Just no. I think you might have to take a higher level of math, but do so cautiously. One of my friends was also interested in Architecture, and she went with Math HL, but ended up getting a 4. So you should have a good math foundation ( SL or HL if you're good enough) but make your choice wisely. The best thing would be to check out university requirements for your course, so you'll know exactly which uni needs what.
  8. How do you go about picking a topic for Travaille Ecrit? Are there any important points we should keep in mind? The two topics I've thought up of are comparing either geography or media of two countries I have in mind. Which one do you think I should pick? Any suggestions or tips would be really helpful!
  9. Hey guys, if the group still exists, do add me! My subjects are: English HL Biology HL Chemistry HL French Ab Initio Business and Management SL Math SL My skype id is obviously nik (made the account during my teenage-angsty phase, don't judge )
  10. Hi, so I'm really worried, because I've taken English HL, and we NEVER do anything in class. The teacher just comes in and just stares at us. Her lessons (if you could even call them that) are so confusing, because we just seem to be "discussing" random topics that change every class. All of the students in my class are really worried, so we've decided to be proactive about it. What do you guys do in your IB English HL classes? What type of practice/homework do you usually get? It would be really awesome if you could help out!
  11. Basically, what is a stereotype that should apply to a certain role you play in your life, and how do you prove it wrong? An example would be a guy who doesn't like video games (based on the assumption that all guys like video games).
  12. Granted, but Mango looses all the things that make it "Mango" (e.g. designers, the good material, etc.) and the company can't recover from its losses. I wish that I had a private jet that could take me anytime, anywhere and there was a trained pilot (to make sure we didn't crash)
  13. Granted, but he turns evil instead. I wish that my laptop had infinite memory.
  14. To be able to travel to different dimensions of the universe. Who is your favorite person and why?
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