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  1. Definitely English HL, our teacher was so great and she genuinely loved English. Then it would have to be Maths SL simply because our class rocked and we always worked together to help each other out. I'm not the best at maths but it was such a fun class and everyone was so supportive of each other
  2. As you've picked two quite dark novel, how about something a little bit more upbeat for comparison? Examiners always appreciate it if you can draw comparisons that aren't very obvious. Maybe something like Great Expectations, where you could look at the minor characters who follow the same sort of moral decline as Dorian and Dr Jekyll... Or even Jane Eyre, where you could look at minor characters again hope that helped!
  3. In my experience, English EEs work well when they're based on a literary device/devices. Would you do this as English A1 or English b? English A would call for a more literary approach (you could look at pessimism as a theme instead, but you'd have to probably nail down only two or three of his books for comparison), whereas English B gives you a lot more freedom with the topics. If you really enjoy 1984 and feel like you can talk about it well then definitely go for it, just because a lot of people do it doesn't mean that you can't do well. A good quality, polished essay on a common book will
  4. I hated Paper 3 :/ What options did you do?We did G and E, neuro and ecology. The questions were really straightforward and pretty easy to bs if you didn't know the exact answer, although I find with biology that's usually the case anyway... In option E, how do the cones and rods attach to optic nerve/whatever that question was? I said it's one cell as opposed to multiple cells but I've never seen it phrased like it was. I wrote one cone cell is connected to one optic nerve whereas up to 200 rod cells is connected to one optic nerve.I'm more concerned about that question about "outline the c
  5. I hated Paper 3 :/ What options did you do? We did G and E, neuro and ecology. The questions were really straightforward and pretty easy to bs if you didn't know the exact answer, although I find with biology that's usually the case anyway...
  6. The papers were pretty fair and generally consistent with what's been in past years, which was nice I absolutely loved paper 3 as well, the questions for our options were so nice
  7. Paper 1 was really straightforward and easy but paper 2 really stumped me! I think the grade boundaries will lower because it was difficult compared to previous years
  8. I did German and Italian unification and imperial Russia, but the Russia questions were terrible! I ended up doing both of the German unification questions and the Stalin question as we studied him for paper 2 and I couldn't bring myself to do the other Russia questions. Paper 2 was definitely better, but in the past few years p3 hasn't been great so I wasn't really surprised by the bad questions :/
  9. Mine would be not checking the data booklet for simple formulas. Sometimes in an exam, no matter how easy the formule is you will just mess it up under pressure, so always ALWAYS check your data booklet!
  10. I based my q4 mainly on the sources given and they didn't mention much past 33 so I stuck to 31-33 and didn't go past that, but that's mainly because I felt more comfortable doing it that way. They probably won't penalise much for going past if you have a good quality answer
  11. I can't remember which topic it was but I did the one about how hitler attempted to establish a totalitarian state after coming to power. I felt like I had too much information I wanted to put in but I managed to restrain myself and I think I did pretty well! I did the causes of the Cold War too! The one about the exaggerated claim? Loved arguing against it, but I think my details were a bit vague because I didn't study it as in depth as I would have liked... Super nervous about paper 3, I'm just hoping for questions as good as paper 2 :/
  12. Sooooo what did everyone think? I almost died with happiness when I saw paper 1, as all I had studied in depth was Manchuria. Although I thought the OPVL on the cartoon was a bit odd, but I used a cartoon for my source analysis in my IA so I was glad I had an idea of how to go about it. Also the Paper 2 questions rocked! So lovely and clear and straightforward.
  13. Try and get perception in your title, then it would sound really nice and TOKy. Maybe something like 'to what extent does perception affect how we determine the successes of rich people?' Or something along the lines of that
  14. I've never heard of something like that before, your school seems quite unique... I think it must be an Australian thing as all the schools in my area do it that way took the only subject you have to take as HL from the very start of IB is Maths, simply because of the amount of content in the course. I like it this way though, I wanted to do HL chem but after a year of doing SL core I realised there was no way I would be able to put myself through that kind of torture
  15. As much as some of us would like to, we can't just give you ideas for your EE here on IBS. We can give you some guidance and feedback on your ideas, but we can't spoon feed them to you. What areas of ecology are you particularly interested in? Is there something in your local area you've noticed lately? Or perhaps do you have some ideas for a research-based EE rather than an experimental one? Let us know what some of your ideas are first and then we can help you
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