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  1. AAHH! i do this too /: it's especially hard with the time limit....i end up writing just whatever cuz i cant spend too much time thinking on what i should answer /: I'm using like 4 or 5 textbooks! ._. haha! It's actually helpful cuz the textbook my teacher likes to use isn't that complete theory wise but it has a lot of case studies. Been using other textbooks to understand /:
  2. I think that's my problem /: I tried talking to my teacher but she's really smart and fast and her past students are much smarter I and my class /: my teacher thinks that my answers are superficial /: been trying to change that but idk how! I'm using a lot of text books ._. i have the Paul Hoang one, and another Business M, and 2 others /: I fear that I am not logical enough /: maybe i should also practice more using past exam papers /: Thankyou!!
  3. Basically...I pay attention quite well...like in my business class, i understand all the concepts and like...i dont always need to revise because i know how to use it and all...but....when it comes to tests, quizzes, and semester exams, I KEEP ON FAILING....the highest i've ever gotten is a 4 T_T Any tips on how to improve? I think that my writing seems superficial...maybe i'm not explaining well enough /: how can i improve?! need help T_T PLEASE!!!
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