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  1. I have a life...well sorta. I dont drink coffee...I dont like it. I get sleep...sometimes I just have to sacrifice some time. My plan fall asleep all day. Wake up a 5:30 do a bit of homework( start with 1st block and work ur way down) In 1st block do 2nd block's homework. Im pretty solid...I have all As and 3 Bs.
  2. No I'm jealous...I can only speak English!!!! Learning Spanish.
  3. You know you're in IB when reading a picture book is fun. (It helps take your mind off work....but only for a little bit.:)
  4. http://docsse.com/view.php?id=861044 um ok ....try graphing the ur results.( the variation of pH of creek water in 3 different altitudes ) That ususally works.....try using this rubic.
  5. I dont know much about music nor physics...but this may help you understand..... http://blogs.adams.edu/thepawprint/the-mutual-harmony-between-music-and-physics/ Check out this book below: Measured Tones: The Interplay of Physics and Music, Third Edition
  6. Based off my understanding of what microeconomics are...I say your articel is well...go with it.
  7. Chica you are doing a lot with your EE...I did not know that the IB would except the EE in film. Thats awesome Apparently you have to come up with the research question urself. But think of this.....Compare Disney's WW11 propaganda use to Hitler's propaganda use. Well ur idea is great I have an idea.......okay gather info. on women that were depicted in Disney's movies.series and point out their roles (the woman's place/staus). Okay you know how the single states party leaders used propaganda to get more support from the peeps around them....well replace the leaders with females. Basically Im
  8. Excue me but I did not quite understand the last two questions....i do wantto apologize if I messed anything up...Ihope everything goes well. *Excuse
  9. Okay peeps I need a bit of some guidance. Think u can help? "Only seeing general patterns can give us knowledge. Only seeing particular examples can give us understanding." To what extent do u agree with these two assertions? I need a knowledge issue. Any suggestions?
  10. Banned for not knowing the red quote thingy...lol
  11. Nevermind I sse it is here above...Is there a site with this info. ?
  12. Please share what site would i get that rubic explaining the IA score of 7.
  13. Time management is extremely important. Reveiw know and then don't crowd yourself and try asking Seniors around ur school some tips about IB. My school has a mentoring program where the Senior will guide the Junior through the year...it helps trust me. Take a free weekend and try to look back on previous school work or test, that also works too.
  14. I think I know what you are talking about ....about an hour ago I came from that site....but I will look into it! Thanks bro...and peace Stay just in case I have any questions. Wait 7 marks out of 20? Is good? Please explain...I was told that we should score at least a 12!
  15. I've been in the same situation. I wanted to dro pout after my Junior year but I had to reflect back on all that I've been through. I dont liek to quit...Ive seen too many quitters and it came to a point where I despise it. But anyways I kept my head lifted high because I knew there was more in me than ever. If it helps I prayed and kept my mind on what was more important. It helps in the long run because at this moment I have all As and a C (history) which will soon change(referring to the C). I have hope that I will graduate with the IB diploma!
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