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  1. So I am doing my WL essay on a chronicle of a death foretold by Gabriel García Márquez, I want to write my essay on the role of women in the society, but I am not sure that I can write 1500 words for it. Also I am considering on writing about who was responsible for the death of Santiago Nasar I need help on choosing what to do
  2. Haha the state of California...i did hear from UCSB that a 30 gives you college credit and thank you everybody but i would prefer more help and input on this topic
  3. I was wondering what is the lowest score needed to get the IB Diploma, because i do think i heard that you can get a 4 on an SL test and get a 5 or above on another is that true? .
  4. Hi I am writing an extended essay on the Sikh genocide of 1984. And I am wondering what should I include such as what kind of literature pieces, and what do I have to do for the Hypotheses or arguments part and the Proposed Methodology part.
  5. I need help on my IOP, I am talking about V for vendetta and comparing it to the Gun powder plot, i already decribed the gunpowder plot but now i need help on connecting the graphic novel V for Vendetta to the plot
  6. i did but did not understand it and i just got it on friday
  7. i need some help on the lacsaps fractions
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