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  1. keeps coming up with this Ive tried so many times ahhh this is frustrating haha
  2. Is anyone else having trouble logging onto the IB candidates website to get results? I already know my results from my IB coordinator but i would like to know the boundaries and all. Ive been trying to login but it keeps refreshing onto the page and when I click multiple times on the login button it goes to a page that says Internal Error 500.... My friends all managed to login but I still haven't been able to My pin and personal id are all correct though
  3. Do our teachers mark them and give us their final grade? Or do the moderators give the final grade? And do all the IAs get sent of to get moderated or do only a few get sent off? Im in my final year of the IB and Im still confused about this :-|
  4. Im at the same stage you are at with your TOK Essay. Nearly done, just need to go over it one last time. I don't have a thesis statement in mine because the title itself is the thesis statement. I just mention the title in my intro and refer back to it constantly in my main body. Oh Im doing title 1 too so I just say that ethical judgements do limit the methods available in the production of knowledge in the natural sciences and the arts. That is basically my thesis statement. Then I do Claims that they do limit production of knowledge and then I argue against them with counter claims
  5. eros

    copy and paste?

    history IA, i have only copied one line sentences because i thought that was okay but i will change it now
  6. eros

    copy and paste?

    Is it okay to copy and paste some bits of info from books/websites into my IA but reference them all correctly with the right sources? I feel like half of my IA is just copy and pasted because they put so much significance into the sources you use in the IA. Im kind of confused :-\
  7. Yes you should reference with footnotes and make a bibliography. Trust me this will give you peace of mind because even if you did copy and paste something but referenced it with the right citation, you should be fine.
  8. What are the top three places you hope to visit once you're done with the IB?? For me it would be Switzerland Japan Zanzibar
  9. eros


    When doing Paper 2 and 3, is it a must to add historian's quotes and arguments? IF SO, then how would you go about incorporating historiography into the exam essay? I mean it's pretty hard remembering these quotes in the first place so would you have to make sure `that it is word for word or is paraphrasing okay?
  10. Im at my 2nd year of IB and I go to bed at 10. Need to get enough zzzzs if you want to pass the IB!
  11. The death penalty is just an easy way out for the criminals who are sentenced to it. In my opinion, a life sentence in solitary confinement will teach the criminal a much more valued lesson and his/her regrets will be mounting and the mind will take over. For one's mind is one's greatest enemy. It is a much better punishment.
  12. 1. What is your real name and what are any nicknames you have? Meera, nicknames: Meeracle, Meerkat, Meermaid, Mia 2. Where are you from? India but i live in Brunei 3. Tell us about a unique or quirky habit of yours. I like stepping on dry leaves lol love the crunch it makes 4. What are you passionate about? Human rights 5. What will you be like when you're 75? Still looking fresh in my Chanel pearls and Prada purse lol 6. Current favorites: Color, book, music, film. Blue, Harry Potter, James Vincent McMorrow, Harry Potter 3 7. What is your favorite IB class?Math studies because my friends
  13. Running in the Family by Michael Ondaatje gave me (and my literature class) cultural insight into 1920s/1930s/1970s Sri Lanka or as it was known at that time, Ceylon. Its written through the use of magic realism and holy moly that book is beautiful!!!!! But it was a nightmare to learn for my English IOCs (glad thats over and done with)
  14. I loved The Great Gatsby. The way Fitzgerald wrote it made me feel as if I was actually there back in the Roaring 20s. He romanticised that period so much to the point where the whole story just seems like a long dream sequence. Ah the films from 1974 and 2013 were also just spot on. Leo was the perfect Gatsby but Redford was the best.
  15. I just think about my future and how getting more than 36 points will be amazing. When I first started IB i was such a lazy ball of procrastination. I mean I got all my work done but it wasn't done to the best of my ability. When I started my 2nd year last August I just had this insane wave of motivation wash over me. I realised how putting some more effort into this course can benefit you greatly. At first I was predicted 32 in my first year of IB but now Im at a 37! And I know I can get better. If you think you can do it, then you can do it. Sounds corny and cliche but it is so true. I lea
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