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  1. Well if you read LSE's website they say they ''highly prefer'' HL Math candidates, and City and KCL overtly ask for at least SL Math. It's just that business requires it. But you should search for yourself, there might well be universities in the UK that do not have such requirements.
  2. You did Math Studies? That's an ENORMOUS disadvantage, I'm sorry to say. I had problems to get into UK universities even with Math SL... LSE highly prefers HL Math and there are so many applicants nowadays that they can disqualify everyone without it. Also, all the other universities I listed require AT LEAST SL Math. It sucks.
  3. In London, LSE, King's College, and City are the best for business (in that order). You can't apply to LSE however, because you do have that 5 in your HLs. For King's you'll need a 6 in SL Math or a 5 in HL Math in addition to a 6 in English. Do you have that? They only require 665 at HL, so you're good to go otherwise. You also fullfil the entry requirements for City, so that's one option! Other excellent business programmes in London are more specific: UCL offers one mixed with economics that specialises in Eastern Europe, SOAS has one with a concentration on China. Both of them should be wi
  4. Accommodation is another one of those words no one seems to get right! As college awaits, I've already stumbled across variations such as accomodation and acomodation... Roommate is a bad one too. It's amazing how many native speakers spell it with only one m: roomate. WRONG.
  5. It's July tomorrow. I don't even know what I feel anymore. I just want closure.
  6. Yeah I suppose those college acceptances take off the edge from the IB results. You were accepted unconditionally, right? I actually wouldn't mind all that much if these grades weren't so important for university... I've always wanted to move abroad and these grades are my ticket out of here and to the UK. I really hope I meet my offer.
  7. I think the reason they've given out different times is that they don't want the server to crash. It'd be so terrible if you'd be downloading the results page and then suddenly no connection could be made. At that point I'd probably throw my computer out the window. How many of you confess to visiting and logging in to results.ibo.org? I do.
  8. I go to work, which I find to be a great distraction. I hate it at times, since I'd really like a rest after the IB, but on the whole it's a good thing because I know I'd just obsess over July 6th without it. Everyone around me is so sick of hearing me whine about the exams and all I'd like to do is talk about them! I could seriously go on and on forever. Does anyone know how the different times work by the way? I get my results at 1315GMT but I guess that that time is not the same for everyone? What sort of times do you guys have? And thanks, sweetnsimple! I hope hard work pays off in everyth
  9. I'm so scared for a lot of subjects. I have no idea what will happen with HL economics for instance. Everyone said the exams were extremely easy and I can only imagine what the grade boundaries will be like... I will die if I get a 5.
  10. Discuss panic scream belittle moan... this is it! 17 days.
  11. I can't help but wonder over and over again about what it will feel like to access my results online. In a way I think that it is so cold, seeing all your work flash in front of you on the computer screen, and I'm sort of scared. A letter would somehow feel more comforting, you know. I wanted to hear what sorts of experiences past IB graduates have had and what that day felt like to them. Feel free to reminisce the joy, sorrow or anything in between.
  12. avident

    Group 3 choice

    Why would Economics be a mistake? Sure it's a lot of memorizing but so is any Group 3 subject. I've heard you have to learn insane case studies in Psychology and from what I've gathered it seems a lot worse than Econ. So my two cents are these: choose Econ or History and you won't regret it!
  13. Thermal equilibrium means that two bodies are of the same temperature, yes, but they must be in contact as well. If you just take two random objects that happen to be in the same temperature then they're not in thermal equilibrium with each other, they're just two bodies with the same temperature. Thermal equilibrium comes about when two bodies are in contact with each other and the temperature flows from the hotter body to the colder one until their temperatures are stable ie in equilibrium. But guys don't sweat it, it's just one question from thirty!!
  14. I was pleasantly surprised by papers 1 and 2! Though I noticed that there were quite many trick-questions in P1 - I think they might bring my grade down a bit. I did manage to spot a few of them: there was that one about the conditions of thermal equilibrium where many answered ''the same temperature'' when in fact the right answer was that they should be in contact with each other. I did Section B1. Knew like half of the questions, which was really good for me, since I'm aiming at a 4.
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