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  1. i disagree with SharkSpider the argument against stem cell research can also be very moral. Religion was derived from moral instincts remember that. But i think its a fantastic subject. Good for you.
  2. i disagree with SharkSpider the argument against stem cell research can also be very moral. Religion was derived from moral instincts remember that. But i think its a fantastic subject. Good for you.
  3. Mine is 45 pages (i thought it was tooo long but i stuck to it). What you got is a very good grade (for the first one).
  4. Of course there is Eleanor Roosevelt who helped right the human rights documents. And ofcourse Hilary Clinton for running for president.
  5. When i took french B it was easy for me. well not easy, it was a bit chanllenging but i got through it and passed with flying colors. You can do it if u just keep ur mind to it.
  6. If your talking about media then you should explain the different ways camera angles, news reports can manipulate their audience. You can emphasize on a certain documentary that is biased and explain its different manipulative affects that it incorporated. Good luck!
  7. Hi This topic could be looked at in this way. "Why is death considered important to the human being?" "What is the significance of death?" "What is death?" "Is it when all happiness in a person dies, or is it when a tree is cut." I hope this can help you start your brainstorming. Bye.
  8. Hello i think you should go to Amazon.com and type IB Business Books. I was in your situation last year and i did that. It helped me greatly. I also wrote in google IB Business books SL and a great selection were shown to me in which i bought a few. Buy the books that you think can help you. It cant hurt because in the end all this information is required in ur last examination. Bye.
  9. In my opinion BMI is much better. I did not like fishing rod very much. BMI will help u with further studies of mathematics.
  10. Photography is not frowned upon. It is considered just like any of other art class. it requires skill and talent. Please do not think like that. Photography is such a great art.
  11. roro

    IB Music

    IB music is mostly about theory and techniques of great composers. You right one symphony with your class. Its pretty boring. In our school a prerequisite for the class was you would have to know how to play at-least one instrument.
  12. roro

    IB Film HL/SL?

    Hey our school has it. In it you would watch tons of movies, analyze them, write essays. In the second year you would have a project of making a 30min movie according to the genre the teacher assigns you to do. Its pretty fun, but it gets boring at sometimes. If u really love film then go for it.
  13. roro

    Art techniques

    There are many techniques you can use. You have a variety of equipment such as pencils, crayons, pens, water colors, acrylic paints and oil paints. May be your teacher wants you to think outside the box and stop drawing painting that have many similarities. I'm not majoring in arts but i know you can use the paint brush and show the lines of the paint brush in ur drawing, also you can use dots to make wonderful drawings.
  14. What you have is a very common problem. Stage fright is what a lot of speech makers fear of. What i do is write important notes on my q-card, memorize the hard parts of my speech and go up to the stage with the fullest confidence. Usually people get scared of the other student looking at them, in this case focus a little more on the teacher. Always have confidence in your self, and whenever you get stuck believe in your self and just keep going. You know you know it.
  15. Hey, I'm my opinion you should only use footnotes to explain a word that might not be understood by many. Don not try to write another essay in the footnote because that will just give you an immediate F. It depends on what kind of essay you're writing, if its concentrated on biology, define medical terms and body organisms in your footer. Its the same with chemistry, physics and other mathematical/scientific subjects. If literature define long hard words that examiners like to read on papers.
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