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  1. Meat

    Summer Reading

    Depends on your school; different schools take different books, so you should ask the IB English teacher or anyone who would know what books are taken in IB next year. HL take more pieces than SL, and I think Lit take more pieces than Lit/lang, so it also depends on your subject choice for English.
  2. It's pretty easy. It's one of those subjects than people barely study for. I also wasn't great at it when I chose my IB subjects and wished I could've taken another language, but it's very easy, especially at SL.
  3. It does happen, but it's usually for people who need three sciences for university. I guess since your school says it's okay then it is. I wanted to do the same but it didn't work with our school schedule :/
  4. The grade boundaries change year to year, depending on how well students do on the final IB exams. It doesn't matter if you're in the bottom half of your class, you might be good enough for a 7 compared to others in the world, but if you're in the bottom half of your class it could mean that you might not do very well unless your class is full of super-geniuses who can all get 7's. The boundaries are determined by the whole world's grades, and doesn't change from class to class. Why not take Math HL first and drop later if you find it too hard, and take up History HL after dropping? Or you can
  5. Since it's your least favorite subject, it's probably a bad idea to take HL Math. You're more likely to do well in it if you love math (according to real life experiences)
  6. No, least I've slept was 4 or 5 hours but I don't do that anymore. I value my sleep! There was one time where I had like half an hour of sleep but that was before IB and it was due to travelling, not school work. I get like 7-8 hours of sleep now.
  7. I suggest going for bio since you may find it easier (all my sources say that it is easier) and because you enjoy it, or at least find it interesting. You may have to speak to your teacher about the trip and catching up. See if you can catch up during the summer (catch up on the syllabus and the lab hours you missed). It's probably not too late to switch yet since you're still in IB1 but it might be different for your school. Speak to your teacher/coordinator
  8. I go to a chess club as a part of my CAS because it's easy and fun. I do play every week, but I don't get too serious about it, I just enjoy the strategic part.
  9. I'll do what I've been doing all year: nothing. Now, seriously, I have to do at least 50 or so more hours of CAS for the 150. No problem at all. Work on EE. I'll do quite a bit because I have the ideas but I didn't start writing the actual essay, or even a draft. Scholarship program which I was chosen to attend. Will work seriously for this (I hope) because, well... you know, full scholarships and stuff. Review Travelling to Spain. And a whole lot of nothing.
  10. I don't find it difficult at all; either people exaggerate the difficulty or my classes aren't going at a reasonable pace (this was the case for Math HL up until a week or two ago). I do all homework on time, pay attention in class (very helpful for sciences) and try not to overwork myself, or else I'd be unmotivated to work. Sometimes I study very little when I feel like I completely understand a topic before a test, but I learned that a quick review can help. Studying for countless hours is alien to me and I don't understand how people can do it, but this may not be the same for you. I also
  11. How hard will it be for a student that is very good at using computers, has a passion for maths, and is an independant learner?How would the work load be for me since I have to self teach this course WITH also 4 HL courses?I am planning to study medicine at uni so would there be any advantages of taking this course? Is it necessary?If I were to take this course, are there other resources that I may be able to use to help me with this course?1- You won't be using computers that much unless you will get a graphing software to help visualize or to use for IAs and such. The passion for math helps
  12. You don't need a 7 in all components for an overall 7. They take the weighted average (IAs account for 20-30% of the total usually, and the rest goes to the exams). The higher your grade, the better it is for your overall (example: a 115/120 on an exam will benefit you more than a 100/120, even if both grades are sevens, because it will make your overall grade higher and make up for any lower grades)
  13. Since you need at least a 5 in another HL subject, and a total of 9 means that at least one of the subjects is at least a 5, then yes, unless you got a 7 or 6 in one HL subject and 2 or 3 in another, because I believe that you can't have more than 3.
  14. We haven't decided yet but I am interested in Relativity and Particle Physics. Relativity because the concept is intriguing and I heard it relies heavily on math, which I am good at and enjoy. (Let's just hope my 10 other classmates don't know about this ) Particle physics because it seems interesting and sparks my curiosity, but none of my classmates or even my teacher showed interest in it.
  15. I usually do better in subjects that I enjoy, which also happen to be what people say are the hardest subjects possible. They aren't that hard to me. My physics, chemistry and math (all HL) grades are better than all my other subjects' grades, even though two of them are Lit/lang SL languages.
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