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  1. Www.easybib.com You just put the link of the site you used, and it will automatically put it in the correct format
  2. How do I view the posts that I posted, and the posts or forums that I'm following?
  3. You can use the chi-squared test to find if the two variables are dependent or independent. You can use statistics in general. However I wouldn't recommend you do your project on that topic since there are no quantitate data sets you can obtain, only qualitative.
  4. So were taking 1984 in my English SL class, and we are required to do an IA on it. We haven't really analyzed it deeply, so we only know about the things that are obvious in the book. Our IA should be creative, like a letter to Big Brother or posters, and it should be about 900-1200 words long. Any ideas? What did you guys do for your IAs?
  5. I also think that temperature is a rather hard variable to control. If i were you, I wouldnt do the same mistake again, that would only make you look weak if you got a low mark again. So if you have other options, I would recommend you go with them. Dont risk it.
  6. Oh! I can email you all the past papers that i have! I have alot of them! Send me a private message on here with your email and Ill email it to you ASAP. Theyre really really helpful! I use them to study for my quizzes and exams, and they helped me almost ace all of them.
  7. Heyy. Thank you so much! I found this really helpful! But where do i find the released questions? I googled "TOK essay questions may 2013" but i didnt find anything.
  8. So i dont really get what I am required to complete by the end of my TOK course. I understand that I have to submit one TOK essay, and present one TOK presentation. However I dont get what I'm supposed to do in either of those. Our school hasnt really explained them to us in depth, and we are expected to have our first TOK trials on the second of November. :'( PLEASE HELP!
  9. so im in dp2 at the moment, and biology HL is one of my subjects. however, i cant ever seem to get a high grade on any of my quizzes, EVER! i dont know how to study. so i really need some tips on how to study!!!! please please please!!!!
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