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  1. I take four HL classes but i wont be taking the HL exam for Spanish. I already took the SL class, i just wanted to continue with it
  2. Hi everybody! Im not sure if any of you will see this but i would like to post it anyways. My decision was to stay in IB and I continue to think that staying in IB and not quitting was the best decision. IB is hard but thats why I love it. It challenges me and makes me take myself to the next level. Thank you to everyone that gave me such great advice. I wish you all the best!
  3. Dont doubt yourself. You are probably a lot smarter and know a lot more than you give yourself credit for just because IB is harder. itll be okay and if you need any help if you take any of the same subjects i do (signature) then just ask (:
  4. About a year ago, a guy asked me to be his girlfriend by saying, "Im hot, you're hot, lets go out" I literally walked away from him
  5. I want to go to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and major in Aerospace Engineering, but i dont think this is all worth it, especially if they dont recognize IB as much as other colleges
  6. Ive completed two years of Pre-IB and im in my first year of the Actual IB program. Im contemplating dropping out cause i dont think i will be receiving the amount of benefits i should based on all the work and the difficulty level. is this program really worth it? i dont know what the best decision is so someone please help me.
  7. I feel if you still make a decent grade in Studies, it wont matter.
  8. I was worried about the same thing, which is why i took math SL, but i feel like if you are going to a more "business" school, then you wouldnt need higher levels in math, just good grades in the math you did take.
  9. i feel like you should eat what you feel comfortable eating. if you are uncomfortable eating meat, then dont. theres no right or wrong.
  10. Im currently in HL chemistry and it isnt very hard, although there is a lot of work. Its very fun too!
  11. is faith an emotion or are they linked in any way? or are they not in relation to each other at all?
  12. Hey guys! Im starting my first math IA soon and i am having to get my own data. the only problem is i cant figure out a topic that would be best and also relatable to myself. any suggestions? thanks!
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