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  1. Warwick or Leicester to do American Studies.
  2. I am happy I took IB, it developed me as an individual. But it's really stressful so someone who can't deal with the workload and the stress then wouldnt be happy with it. But I do agree IB pupils love to complain and that's what bring us as closer community!
  3. Look at the criteria carefully. Pay attention to the word limit and don't forget to include language devices while still making appropriate cultural points. Here's to get the top marks: Criterion A: Fulfilling the requirements of the reflective statement- Reflection on the interactive oral shows development of the student’s understanding of cultural and contextual elements. Criterion B: Knowledge and understanding- The essay shows detailed knowledge and understanding of, and perceptive insight into, the work used for the assignment. Criterion C: Appreciation of the writer’s choices- There i
  4. I have a good social life, go out weekends and stuff and sometimes I go to parties. I do try and do work before going out though. Usually spend about 3 hours a day doing work. I've been getting ok results, overall I'm predicted 36 points which is not that bad I think. I sleep on average about 5/6 hours every night.
  5. My question: To what extent does violent fictional programming in television influence violent behaviour in under18s living in western countries? So far I have 3326 words but I need to still evaluate my researches. In order to get a higher grade I need to evaluate Help on how to evaluate please?
  6. Chronicle of a death foretold is sooooooooooooooo boring Procastinating for that too
  7. How i do it is just see all the questions for the course for it. For example: Discuss the concepts of normality and abnormality And then do a plan for how I would answer the question and then just revise the plans hope that helped
  8. I really like the concept of TOK, however I believe TOK would be better if there wasnt such a strict structure to it. I dont think the TOK diagram fully allows us to focus on the debates that are raised in TOK since TOK is all about brining back to the ways of knowing and the TOK diagram But overall it did help me to think more outside the box so TOK is helpfull and makes us better IB students
  9. I've done really badly in my mocks, getting a level 3 I really need help! Any revision sites out there??
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