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  1. Basically now CAS doesnt require you to do any number of hours, just multiple projects to help you achieve the outlined CAS Outcomes. These outcomes are goals you need to achieve through your CAS projects and there are 8 set ones I think. I'm linking a site that has them all outlined, you can talk to your CAS supervisor to see what projects you can do to satisfy them all...tutoring would come under service, and creativity if you are making the lesson plans for the class. A good 15-20 projects 4-5 in each area will be enough for CAS. http://fhsib.org/bvsd/CAS/CAS_Learning_Outcomes.pdf Internal
  2. SurajM


    Psych HL will not be too hard for you if you just keep up with the studying. Making notes right from the start will definitely help you on any test your teacher will give you. And if your notes are detailed enough, you won't even need the textbook for the final exam. All you would really need would be those notes. It's a challenging but interesting subject. The reason I would advise you to go for it is because this is one of the subjects I had done without any help from my teacher because she herself was not sure of how to teach it. There's plenty of reference material online and videos to cle
  3. My suggestion would be to maybe combine your second and third knowledge issue to make a broader single one. Both of them deal with feminism and history and are highly interrelated. So I would think you would eventually repeat points while answering them. Frame a single question from them both to fit into and then go about from there. It'll will allow you to talk about your topic without repeating points.
  4. Yes the answer is 5 because this a parabola which is equidistant from the axis of symmetry.
  5. In the summer before IB? I'd say just relax and take it easy...you'll have little time to do that afterwards. But if you really want to start preparing, you could talk to you teachers about the textbooks being used next year and study the few few chapters to get a head start. You could also begin looking out for some good CAS projects you could do around the city and make a plan/proposal for them. The best way to do well in the IB is to minimize the procrastination, that's what gets most students. Keep up with your assignments and meet all deadlines and it'll take away a lot of stress. Make s
  6. I would say English Language and Lit is one of the more easier subjects of the IB, and is really something you will be able to score well in. You will just need to practice and focus on the lessons. In my course I read the Importance of Being Earnest, Kite Runner, the Great Gatsby, and Pygmalion( But I only did SL, HL is only a step above this in terms of difficulty) And trust me as long as you enjoy the book you're reading...the written tasks, IOC's, and paper 2 will become much easier. So don't get discouraged! It's really a great and enjoyable subject Talk to to your teacher whenever you n
  7. I would talk to your IB coordinator before progressing any further. They would probably need to contact the IB to see what they have to say about it. Two students working on the same topic always bring out the question of plagiarism and student conduct. But I think you should be fine, I'm sure they won't ask you to change topics
  8. I would probably go with your second choice. A second language isn't always the easiest to score in, and at HL unless you really like the language it isn't worth taking that risk. As for psych, who told you it isn't easy to score? Psych in the IB is subject you could do very well in even without a teacher's help. It requires a lot of reading and memorizing but in terms of difficulty, the questions are straightforward and directly from the syllabus.
  9. Medical school will not be looking at the subject choices you have taken during your high school years, they will mostly focus on those at university. But to be accepted to a medical school you would have to have taken couses in biology, chemistry, physics, and some areas of mathematics...thought the requirements will vary between different medical schools. You don't have to take these science courses now, but it will be highly recommended. The subjects in high school will set the basics for you and you'll move onto more advanced stuff in university. There is always the option to taken all the
  10. Thanks man, couldn't have figured that out without you
  11. No problem! Let me know anytime if you have any further questions
  12. As long as you have appropriate sources from actual psychologists, and not medical centers..your EE won't be too biological. Mostly all your sources should come from research done by a psychologist, but you can allow for 1-2 other sources to explain how the dopamine reward system works. As for an EE, you do not need to include CLOA, BLOA, SCLOA.... Though, in the abstract it is always good to include which area the topic came from, developmental psychology? sociocultural, and in your case the cognitive and biological levels.
  13. I would really not only just look at the past papers, but look specifically at the mark schemes for each. The good thing the IB does is in most cases it will provide a step-by-step working of the problem....though some basic steps will not be shown. The best way I would say to do well in maths is first of try not to look at it as such a challenge. I promise you that the actual papers are quite straight forward. Section A consists of basic concepts. Once you've fully mastered section A, section B is just an application of many of the same topics in a more elaborate sum. Hopefully your textbook
  14. I would say the only way to do well in a psychology EE is to make sure your EE fits the requirements of the Psych EE guide. Your question is a bit broad, but in general it should be formatted properly in terms of structure, all sources should be cited in the bibliography and footnotes. But you if you have any specific questions then I would be glad to answer them.
  15. Hey are any of my fellow IB'ers continuing their further education Penn state this fall 2013?
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