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  1. THC is an inhibitory psychoactive drug. It mimics anandamide (an inhibitory neurotransmitter). However, THC is not broken down at the post-synaptic receptors. As THC mimics an inhibitory transmitter this results in the hyper-polarisation of the post-synaptic neuron.
  2. Looking at the EE guide in relation to group one EE's I'd say that a key component of an English Extended Essay, especially with your title, is comparison between the works. You can have an individual analysis of each work itself, but a comparison and contrast between the works is good. You could discuss the reasons why the theme/imagery differs between the works, and why this might be. You'd have to relate the images in each novel to the main themes of the novel, and thus why the author has chosen to use the imagery in that specific way (as I'm guessing that O'Connor uses the imagery to a dif
  3. Hi, I am doing my EE in biology, investigating the antibacterial properties of Manuka Honey. In my experiment I placed potato segments in honey solution and recorded their change in mass. In my results table am I allowed to present the percentage change in mass of the potato segments in the same table as a first present the raw data (initial and final mass)? Also does a Group 4 EE have to have some form of statistical analysis, for example Standard T-Test or ANOVA? Thanks
  4. The idea of the supervised writing is to plan your final work, in my opinion (someone correct me if I'm wrong) you are supposed to take the ideas from the supervised writing section forward into your final essay. You even get marks for doing this, something along the lines of showing a development of ideas. "From these ideas the student develops a topic and the final essay. The ultimate goal of this stage of the process is to help students to produce good essays with appropriate topics." [WIT assessment briefing]. Hope I helped
  5. Here is the IB WIT oveview: http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=ib-wit-essay&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CC8QFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fgmriggs.files.wordpress.com%2F2012%2F01%2Fib-wit-overview.doc&ei=-FydUNnLKYPLmAXjioC4DQ&usg=AFQjCNEAG6aKcGkqHW9qwiQebWbGNJXMKg
  6. I sleep 9 hours a night, consistently getting 6s and 7s. I hang out with friends every weekend once or twice.
  7. We also studied The Outsider for our WIT, although I am not using it. We did not talk specifically about the Chaplain, however we did mention that Mersault is trying to find meaning to his life, and some may say he does so by killing the Arab and deciding his fate. The Chaplain also backs up this idea that we are all trying to find meaning in our life (the theme of the absurd as misshaha said), and the Chaplain contrasts Mersault by finding his meaning in God.
  8. _Sam_


    Also, a conjugated protein may have more than one polypeptide chain, in the example given above: haemoglobin is made up of 4 polypeptide chains (2 alpha-helices and 2 beta-pleated sheets) and 4 in-organic haem groups.
  9. For my Extended Essay I would like to investigate the antibiotic properties of the Allium genus (Garlic, Onions, Chives, Leeks) against various bacteria. Is this appropriate for an EE investigation? Also, I was reading through exemplars and came upon this one: http://schools.sd42.ca/gsslibrary/files/2011/04/EE-Biology-1_Part1.pdf, is my idea too similar to this? I wouldn't want to start my EE and find out later that any similarity in topic with exemplars is not allowed! Thanks
  10. Hello, we are preparing for our IB1 exams at the moment and I was wondering if there is a data book for Biology. We have one for Chemistry and Physics so I assumed so, but could not find one online. On a similar note if there is no data book are we expected to memorise Amino Acid codons?
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