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  1. Hi guys, So I was just wondering whether IBO grades the TOK presentation at all? I know our teachers give us a score but does IB look at how the teachers graded it and lower or higher the scores? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi guys, so I decided to do my Extended Essay in Psychology. So for my topic I chose to write about the educational implications of child abuse. So basically Im planning on giving a quick intro about child abuse and the types. Then I was planning on going into how stress from the abuse causes permanent changes in the brain, which causes learning problems, behavioral problems, etc and how this leads to the child having problems in school. I I know that for an ee in psychology you have to argue a point, so just to make sure, the point I would be arguing is that child abuse causes serious ed
  3. Okay guys Im going to be a senior and I got my IB SL math score and I was wondering where I could get like the score breakdown? Would my coordinator have it by the time school starts? Thanks in advance
  4. So in our English class we are doing our practice iop and the book is The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien. Our teacher said to pick one topic from the book and research that. But I don't really understand how the format of it should be. She said that the Green Berets would be a good topic. So would I research that as an intro and then analyze how its presented in the book ? Also am I supposed to have a question or can I just say that the topic is Green berets? Also how do you get a good grade on the IOP's? Thanks
  5. So for out overall group 4 topic it is the correlation between natural disasters and climate. So my group's natural disaster is tsunamis. From a bio point of view. Out " supervisor" hasn't really told us anything or tried to help us out. Different people are telling us different things. I was first just wondering when this is due? I was thinking of drowning plants and then measuring the CO2 emissions over the weeks as it decomposes. I don't really see how any experiment I do can be accurate, but would that be fine with ib?
  6. Does anyone know what the current english hl boundaries are. If you can send me the link if you have it, thanks
  7. Lets say for example that you get 4 and above on all your tests except for higher level english. Lets say you get a 3. Then when you get your break down scores you see that it was your world lit score or whatever score that kept you from getting your diploma. Would you the following year be able to retake that part of the exam? Or would you have to retake the whole exam? Can you even do that?
  8. When do you get your results for your World Lit Paper?
  9. Well the essay is about like 1463 words and i basically just analyzed the quotes in which the book mentions the aspect of culture and analyzed how the tone and sentence structure portrayed the aspect of culture. But i'm not exactly sure how to put the aspects in my rq without it sounding extremely broad. Because this is what I came up with: What perspective does the sorrow of war offer on Vietnamese culture regarding spirits, omens, folklore and religion? Andi think that sounds too drawn out.
  10. So I did my world Lit topic and wrote the essay. I showed my teacher and she said that it was fine. But I'm still worried that the Topic is too broad. My question was: What perspective does the Sorrow of War offer on Vietnamese Culture. So basically in my body i talked about how folklore,religion, spirits and ghosts and omens are mentioned throughout the novel. And how it gives us an insight into the culture. So if anyone could offer me some insight on as to if im doing it right or if IB would like the paper.
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