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  1. Agreed!! easy to understand but it did not have a concrete topic to discuss about.
  2. The title of the poem was The Mummy by Betsy Struthers. The poem could be found here: http://www.library.utoronto.ca/canpoetry/struthers/poem5.htm Unfortunately, i could not find an explanation to it on any webpages i googled.
  3. Jeanlean, Yeah! That was the poem.. Did you try that? Could you please explain that briefly for me please??
  4. Does anyone take SL English Lit?? Could someone help me with the poem's explanation???
  5. I would say that HL Math would be beneficial for economics at university level. After my interview for Cambridge, i could feel the importance for a solid base in the area of mathematics. Just stay clear of Oxbridge, LSE and Warwick if you do not study Math at Higher level.
  6. I did questions 7 and 9 for section B. Found the paper 2 quite challenging though.. Paper 1 was a cakewalk!! ...in agreement with your view on the latent heat question. It was relatively hard. What about paper 3 guys? Personally, found it manageable!
  7. I currently take 4 HL subjects. In this case, how will the universities decide which 3 HL subjects to consider when looking at my application? Will they consider the score for the highest three subjects or the lowest three?
  8. Using the Philips curve would be a good idea, if you are a HL student. The article is suggesting voluntary unemployment has decreased as it says that the amount of stay-at-home mums have dropped.
  9. I am currently an IB Year 2 student, with my final exams in 5 months. I take 4 HL subjects too. HL subjects: Math Physics Chemistry Economics SL subjects: English Literature A1 Tamil B I agree that taking 4HL subjects maybe taxing, but it does work well when there is proper time management. I was quite an average student too in GCSEs, obtaining 1A* and 7As for GSCEs. Personally, I do not think that it should be too hard, although you should also be putting in enough effort in your revisions. When the Extended Essay and TOK Essay start kicking in, you may feel extremely pressurized, but in the
  10. Is there anybody who has finished this portfolio? Could u please contact me as i am in need of some help?
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