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  1. Hello, I took an IB course in grade 11 (last year) and completed an official IB exam for it. That course (it happened to be French SL) ended last year (I am not taking it this year). Does that mark from that course count towards my final points in the IB diploma? Thank you
  2. You know when you're in IB when you see a "40km/hr maximum" sign and try to convert it to m/s
  3. I am figuring out new ways to learn more effectively and I'm thinking about typing/rewriting the notes that I take in class. I realize that not everyone will benefit from this but has there been any great successes/failures for doing so? Is it a complete and utter waste of time?
  4. Thank you for the information, it is greatly appreciated!
  5. Thanks for the responses. I think that they will pass! However, what are "final external IB exams"? If they are taking an exam in a subject this year (grade 11) and not taking the subject next year is it considered a final external IB exam? For example, they have taken IB Chem 11 (gotten a final 2) and are taking French 12 IB (test out) exam today. Are those final external exams? Thank you!
  6. Hello, One of my IB friends has a two in their first semester subject (grade 11) and is wondering if they are destined to fail IB because they have a 2 in one SL subject. They are not taking that subject next year. Is that true that they will immediately fail? If they will, is it at all possible for them to not fail? Thank you.
  7. I personally believe that it comes down to time management skills. My teachers have begun discussing that with us when she listens to the students complain about how much sleep they have been getting.
  8. Hello, One of my ideas for my IA is to analyze data with a statistical analysis algorithm that I created. I have a couple of questions: - Will the IB accept this type of project? - Has anyone else done something similar? - Is this a terrible idea? The reason that I am creating my own equation/algorithm is because the "popular" equations that build lines of best fit, equations tend to not recognize small patterns in the data.
  9. Thank you for your response, it clarified a lot of things for me! One more question; how much do the exams count towards your final mark?
  10. Hello, I'm a little confused about when the IB diploma is awarded. If my total marks in all of my subjects this year add up to 40, I will receive my diploma? Is there an another condition I need to fulfill per semester? Thank you.
  11. Banned because missrunaway turned this into a runaway thread
  12. You know you're in IB when you say "Let me book you in..." when someone asks you to hang out with them P.S actually got that one from one of my classmates
  13. Hello, I'm wondering when taking a higher level subject in IB would be better than taking a standard level. I believe you would have to have high marks, but I'm not sure how high. Slightly off topic, I'm in HL math this year, and I'm making better marks than last year (when I was in SL math) which is strange.
  14. In grade 10 pre-ib at my school, approximately 40 students take the IB program. About 75% do not continue the IB program from grade 10 to 11. In grade 11, about 5% of the students dropped out (during that year). In grade 12, there is about 10-15 people who actually stick with IB. My school has about 1500 students.
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